World's First Acrylic Pyramids Were Built in USA! Made in TechShop USA.

Introduction: World's First Acrylic Pyramids Were Built in USA! Made in TechShop USA.

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         World's First Acrylic Pyramids Were Built in USA!  Made in TechShop USA.

         Why are most things cut on the Laser cutter are only 2D?  We make 3D objects by layering 2D laser cut objects.  The other popular 3D items are round bottle or glass edging.  This require synchronization using a constantly rotation fixture.   How do we make more 3D objects from our laser cutter? 

         Imagine if we have a small puma robot holding the acrylic material.  The laser could be set to simply move horizontal and vertical (for simplification) or even just stationary.   The acrylic material can be moved around.  With the articulated arm if the robot, we could practically cut very complex crystals.

         To points, I will use a mechanical fixture to move my parts and create small cone and pyramid shapes.
For the cone, the laser need to be just stationary.  For the pyramid, it would need to move in a line to cut each face of the pyramid.

          The primitive 3D laser cut Cone and Pyramid are proofs that laser cutters could do more 3D shapes.  With 3 to 5 passes.  The laser cut through the depth.

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