Introduction: World's Most Disorganized Shop?

I live in Florida, so a lot of my tinkering and building takes place outside. Somehow I can't seem to organize things  in a neat  manner, but I seem to remember where every thing is..... most of the time. 

Step 1: Working Outside

Working outside, isn't too bad if you have something to shade you from the heat of the Florida sun. I do a lot of my projects on the wooden bench in the shade from the cabana.

Step 2: Try to Save Where You Can!

By my nature, I hate to throw away anything that could be used later. It has been suggested by some of my family that I may have hoarding tendencies. This woodshed for example: I have less than $100 cash into building this. Most of the materials were recycled from buildings being torn down, or from free cycle. Ladders and I don't get along very well, so I've bartered with one of the neighbors to do the roof work.

Step 3: Ladders Are Not My Friend

While we were trimming a limb off an old oak tree, the wind shifted and despite safety precautions, the limb hit the ladder on the way down. We were very lucky, no broken bones.

Step 4:

My computer lab corner. I know, it's a mess-- but somehow I still manage to fix things!

This has been my first instructable, and the first time I've shown my messy workshop. If you've enjoyed, please vote for me-- I've put this together for the /Share Your Space' contest. Thanks for reading!

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