Introduction: Worlds Smallest Sewing Kit

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Hello and, thanks for looking at this project. I am new to instructables and have been browsing for days! I love this app I'm always one to sit and create things for no apparent reason. One of the first items I viewed on here involved using straws to contain a fire starter that works very well by the way. Which got me thinking what else could I contain in a straw?

Step 1: So I Decided on a Compact Sewing Kit

This item fits well with the multiple nano survival kits or, anywhere you may need to repair clothing items. To start here are the items you will need.

1 straw
1 needle
3-5 feet of thread
1 Q-tip


Needle nose players
Utility knife

Step 2: Prepare Your Needle

Pre thread your needle: you wouldn't want to be threading a needle in a survival situation or when your in a hurry to repair your items like during lunch hour at work. There are many reasons threading a needle sucks use your imagination; weather, lighting, in worst cases you could use this for stitches... Although I would use very thin nylon and sanitize all items first.

After threading the needle cut a 1/2" piece from the middle of the q-tip. This serves two purposes it guards the packaging from being punctured by the needle and is the spool for the thread attached to your needle.

Place the sharp end in the Q tip section and wrap the thread around the outside of the q tip then place it inside the straw. Cut a small slit in the opposite side to place the last bit of thread to keep it taunt.

The last step is to seal it with pliers and a lighter!

I'm sure much more thread could be placed inside but 3 feet is plenty for most buttons, rips and tears. As I said before with the right thread and needle this could also serve as a suture kit in survival situations.