Introduction: Worn Out Jeans Bag

Don't just throw away your worn out jeans. Recycle three pair of jeans to make this bag. No sewing needed but you will need to know some simple crochet stitches. Each leg from the jeans makes a material ball that you can crochet with. The fun part is to see how many parts of the jeans you can use to decorate your bag.

Step 1: Materials

  • 3 Pair of jeans
  • Scissors
  • Crochet Hook (P)
  • Glue Gun

Step 2: Turn the Legs Into Ball of Material

Make one continues ball of material with out any sewing.

Start by cutting off the jean legs.

Trim off the hem. All the way up the leg, cut strips about a half inch wide. Stop the strips about an inch from the other side of the leg.

Make a cut on one side to begin. This will be beginning of your continues strand. Open up the jeans to see the uncut part of the leg.

Now cut across the seam to the cut on the other side. Do this all the way up the leg.

Step 3: Crochet

It is easier to crochet when you wrap fabric into a ball. For a bag this size start by chaining 15. Then single crochet in each chain.

Add extra single crochet at the end of the chain so you end up with a flat bottom for your bag.

Continue to single crochet until you get the size you want.

Once the bottom is the size you desire, double crochet into each single crochet. Go all around with the double crochet to join the row together with a slip crochet. Double chain to start the next row.

Continue to double crochet until you have the size of bag you desire.

Step 4: Add Emblishments

Remove the waistband and pockets from what is left of the jeans with a seam ripper.

The waistband finishes off the crochet part of the bag. Use a glue gun to attach the waistband. Glue the pockets on the outside of the bag. You can challenge yourself to see how many pieces of the old jeans you can use.

Step 5: Shoulder Strap

Remove the waistband from another pair of jeans. This makes a great strap for your bag. Glue the open end of this waistband together.

From the third pair of jeans you will need the button hole and the button. These will be used to attach the strap. Use a hot glue gun to glue the button hole to the inside end of the bag.

The button from the first waistband will go into this hole. On the other end of the bag, make a small slit to fit in the final button. Glue in this button. The other end of the waistband strap will fit over this button.

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