Introduction: Woven Dance Board

Woven dance board is pure dance board, specially used for dancing, dance board surface soft, 122 cm long, about 20 cm longer than other dance board.

Step 1: To Make the Dance Plate Board Face

1. Take a cuboid, 99 in length, 24 in width and 1 in height, and make a board.

2. Select the dome as shown in the figure and make its height 1.

3. Select the cuboid as shown in the figure and make its height 1.

4. Align and group them and rotate them 15° along the X-axis.

5. Align the grouped objects with the side of the board and align them horizontally. Select the assembly to move 11.4 to the right and 2.7 to the down. Duplicate the assembly, fold the mirror horizontally and move 101.5 to the left. Select three to combine.

6. Select the dome and place it as shown. Set its X-axis as 9.82, Y-axis as 8, z-axis as 1 and change it into a hole.

7. Duplicate the hole three times and make the four holes at the four corners of the board through mirror image symmetry. As shown in the figure, group all the objects.

8. Select the cuboid, change x to 122 and move 20 down, change it to hole, and make it symmetrical with the center of the board and group them.

The board of the skateboard is finished, then choose the color you like.

Step 2: Making a "bridge"

1. Select the cylinder, change its diameter to 2, height to 24, and rotate it by 90° along the Y-axis. Select the cone so that x is 1, y is 12, z is 4.03, and rotate 90° along the Y-axis. Select the center of the two to align, as shown in the figure, change the cell grid to 0.1, select the cone, move 1 to the right, move 0.2 down, group the two and rotate 60° along the Y-axis.

2.Select cuboid, length 5, width 4, height 0.25, select roof x and y as 2, z as 1, move up 0.25, and group them into symmetrical center.

3. Select the cylinder and scale it down to a diameter of 5. Choose another cylinder with a diameter of 3.8 and a height of 7,Replace it with a hole,The center of the two is symmetrical, grouped and rotated 90° along the Y-axis.

4. Select cuboid to be reduced to a height of 3.9, make it arrange symmetrically with the center of the ring, change the ring into hole, group the two objects, and change the object after grouping into hole.

5. Rotate the hole counterclockwise along the x axis by 45°, select the cuboid, length 3, width 2, height 1.5, align them horizontally to the same height, change the capturing grid to 0.1, make the upper surface of the combined object slightly less than half of the original cuboid through left and right adjustment, and group them after the position is determined.

6. Move the objects in 5 groups up by 0.25, and arrange them symmetrically with the center of the objects in 2, and group them.

7. Center objects 1 and 6 symmetrically, select objects 1 and move them up 9 to group them.

8. Select a cylinder with a diameter of 1 and a height of 3, rotate it 60° clockwise along the x axis, align it with the center of the object in 7, and make the middle cylinder rise 0.3 and group.

9. Select the ISO metric thread in the shape generator panel, change its diameter to 1.5 and height to 1, rotate it 60° clockwise along the Y-axis, make it cover 8 small and medium cylinders, and combine.

10. In the panel, select ISO metric thread again to make its diameter 0.5, height 1, and decrease 0.6. Duplicate it three times, so that the four objects are symmetrically located around the bottom cuboid.

This way, the "bridge" is complete, choose your favorite color.

Step 3: Make Pulleys and Connect "Bridges"

Select the cylinder with a diameter of 7 and a height of 5, rotate it by 90° along the Y-axis, rise by 11, align with the center of the "bridge", move it left and right to adjust the cylinder to the appropriate position, copy the cylinder and move the accessories to the symmetrical place, and group them. Copy the finished product and flip it left and right with the mirror image.

Step 4: Assemble

Rotate the board 180° along the X-axis,and rotate the two bottom wheels 180° along the Y-axis. Put the working plane on the board, place the bottom wheel at the minimum distance from the board on z, and move the bottom wheel to the appropriate position and group.

Decorate appropriately.

Step 5: Finish!

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