Introduction: Woven Duck Tape Hammock Chair

Got some duct tape lying around? This is a fun and easy project to build, and it only requires a few materials and basic skills to make.

Step 1: Materials:

For this project you will need:

  • About 120 meters of duct tape
  • Long wooden pole about 20mm in diameter e.g. strong broom handle
  • 9.2 meters of strong rope
  • Scissors
  • Saw (if you have a band saw it makes it quick and easy)

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

Firstly, use the band saw (or if you don't have one a hand saw) and cut the pole into 2✖95 cm pieces. Sand the ends to avoid splinters, then set the 2 pieces 180 cm apart.

Step 3: Starting the Seat

Start the chair seat by wrapping the duct tape around the pole once, then stretch the tape to the other side ensuring that the sticky side is facing up. When you reach the other side stick the tape over the pole and go back over the sticky side up tape with sticky side down, being careful to not get air bubbles and creases (though it will probably happen). When you get back to the starting spot, cut off about another 20 cm and stick it underneath for reinforcement. Now you have a duct tape strip which is double strength and isn't sticky on either side, perfect!

Step 4: Reinforcement

More strength will be added to our hammock chair later when we weave the cross strips. However, for now to add even more strength cut a piece of tape and attach it over the existing strip of tape, repeat but go over the width of the tape.

Step 5: More Strips

To finish off the first part of the hammock chair's seat, repeat step 3 and add another duct tape strip to the other side, keep repeating this until the entire space is filled. My duct tape was 5 cm wide so it took me about 17 strips, while having gaps in between each one. After I finished all the strips as seen in pic 3, i added extra duct tape over the end for more strength (look at the right side which doesn't have a toolbox on it).

Step 6: Cross Weaving

Now, time for the cross weaving. This step is essential, as it provides most of the strength of the chair. To start, pull off a tab and stick it under the edge strip (look at picture 2, top right). Pull the tape all the way to the other side and stick it under, then bring it around and go back the way you came. If you are unsure look at picture 3 (middle right), or go back to step 3 and look what is done there because it's similar to what you have to do here. When you get back to the starting side, cut the tape and pull the tab out from underneath the edge strip (once you click "5 more images" it's the photo right in the middle). Once this is done pull your double strength tape to the other side, and start weaving it, over, under, over, under. When you get to the end, use the tabs to stick your woven strip onto the side and add some reinforcement tape over the end (last picture when you've clicked "5 more images")

Repeat this, but as you'll see in the first picture, if you start one over then go to under, do the one next to it under then over to add extra strength. When you get near the end i left a 2 width gap which you'll be able to see, bottom left in the first picture.

Step 7: Attaching the Rope

To attach the rope you will need to cut 4 lengths of rope, 2✖ 2.10 meter long ropes, and 2✖ 2.50 meter long lengths. Tie the 2 shorter ropes on the same side, ensure you use a strong knot, i recommend a bowling knot or mooring hitch. Tie the longer ropes to the other side, the shorter rope side will be the top of the hammock chair, and the longer side the lower end.

Step 8: Hanging Up Your Hammock Chair

Where should you hang up you hammock chair? I recommend under a tree or Bali hut (if you have one). To hang up your chair, just tie the ends of the ropes onto the branch, and after ensuring that it is level try it out! If you have any questions about the steps or how I did it, feel free to ask me in the comments.

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