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Introduction: Woven Duct Tape Tote

This is just a simple way to make a cute duct tape tote! One of the most important things about making anything with duct tape is to use good quality duct tape-- I recommend Duck brand duct tape, but if you find something just as good or better, use that! If you haven't worked with duct tape like this before, it might be a little challenging, but the only setback is that it will take you a little longer because anyone can do this!
This is my first tutorial, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You will need:
3 different colored rolls of duct tape
Ruler (in inches)

In this tutorial, I labeled the duct tapes for ease of description:
A is the purple
B is the peace sign/blue
C is the green

Step 1: Cut a Strips

With color A cut 10 strips of tape 9" long each.

Step 2: Fold a Strips

Fold A strips in half horizontally

Step 3: Cut and Fold B Strips

With color B cut 18 strips of tape 6" long each.
Fold these in half horizontally as well.

Step 4: Lay Out a Strips

With color C cut 2 strips 6 1/2" long each.
Lay color C strips down on table sticky side up. Have them parallel to each other about 9" apart
Lay 5 A strips perpendicular to B strips overlapping about 1/4" on each side leaving about 1" of color C on each side.
If any of your strips have imperfection on them, you want them to all be on the side facing up; then they will be on the inside of the bag.
Smooth out strips to make sure they are all laying straight and even.

Step 5: Weave in B Strips

Weave in 9 B strips into A strips.
Be careful not to accidentally unstick A strips from C strips while weaving.
Make sure they are all fairly tight together. (This part is a little tricky) Try to push them towards each other to ensure tightness, but do not overlap B strips with other B strips.

Step 6: Fold Over Sides

Fold the C strips over the woven pattern. Be careful to not trap air in the fold.
Cut off excess C tape.
Turn over. This will be the one of the sides.

Step 7: Finish Off the Sides

Cut 2 strips of C tape 9 1/2" long each.
Overlap one C strip over the front of the woven pattern on one side that doesn't already have C tape.
Fold C strip over onto the other side (the inside).
Repeat with other side.
Cut off excess tape.

Step 8: Create Second Side

Repeat steps 4-8 with remaining strips.
You should have two complete woven sides.

Step 9: Create Solid Sides

Cut 4 strips of C 12 1/2" each.
Fold them in half vertically.

Tape two of the strips together by long sides.Do the same with the other two.

Cut the end sides to the length of the woven sides.

Step 10: Attach Solid Sides

Tape the solid sides to one of the woven sides from the front using pieces of C tape the length of the woven side.
For extra stability tape from the inside as well.

Step 11: Create Solid Bottom

Cut 2 strips of C 18 1/2" long each.
Fold in half vertically.
Tape the two pieces together by long sides.
Cut to fit the length of the woven sides.

Step 12: Attach Solid Bottom

Tape the bottom to the woven piece with the solid sides on it already.
For extra stability add tape from the inside too.

Step 13: Begin Assembling Body of Tote

Tape the bottom of the end solid sides to the sides of the bottom piece. This can get tricky.
For extra stability, tape from both the outside and inside of the seams.

Step 14: Finishing Body of Tote

Tape the other woven side to the two solid ends and to the bottom piece.
This is much harder than it sounds and may take you a couple of tries to get just right!
Again, use tape from both sides for more stability.

Step 15: Create Handles

Choose either tape A or B and cut 2 strips 14" each.
Fold in half horizontally.
Tape to the inside of the bag with small pieces of color C tape.

Step 16: Finished!

You're all done!

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duck tape rules
duck tape rules

5 years ago

Omg that was so simple !!!! I have to make one of those. You got a good sense of color what colors do you recomend? Or prints


7 years ago

It was cool I made my own with your as an inspiration ad this is what came out

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