Introduction: Woven Ethnic Necklace

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Over and over again I remember this quote "anything worth doing is worth overdoing".

So my friends, here I'm again with another DIY jewelry idea for you :). I call it Ethnic Necklace because it resembles Indian ethnic jewelry which is popular and worn over traditional saree dresses.

This necklace design is an original Idea of mine and And you know what, it is super easy to make. Yup...super easy. Lets see how you can make this beautiful necklace.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

You will need:

  1. Some paracord or macrame strings, I used about 15 feet of Paracord.
  2. 20-25 acrylic beads ( I chose metal finish). The hole in the bead must be large enough to let paracord (or string you choose) pass through.
  3. A cigarette lighter.
  4. A Sharp scissor.
  5. A ruler

OPTIONAL: This is required only if you want to add end-caps to the necklace.

  1. Flat nose pliers.
  2. Jewelry wire cutter.
  3. Some metal or hard object like a small rod (for making wire coils)[Sorry not in the picture above]. A pen or pencil should also do.
  4. Some jewelry wire of your choice. I chose silver coated wire.

Step 2: Selecting the Length and Begining the Weave

You have to start by choosing the length of the necklace on one side. So, see images above and follow:

  1. Take two paracord string or 7 feet length.
  2. Take 1st piece and fold it to middle.
  3. Choose a length of the folded cord, I choose about 10".
  4. Hold the cords at 10" using your hand and turn the cords to opposite direction.
  5. Introduce second cord from below the two cords (see image above.)
  6. Make a firm cross knot.

Step 3: Weave, Bead, Weave Repeat

See the images above and follow:

  1. After the initial cross knot, make 3 more cross knots.
  2. Bead the cord pointing to top right.
  3. Make a cross knot such that the bead is secured on the top right. Make this knot firm but it wont be very much firm because of the extra space occupied by bead, therefore...
  4. Make another cross knot. Make it firm, this will secure the last bead properly
  5. Repeat 2-4 several times, till you achieve desired length. You will notice that as you keep weaving more & more, the pattern will begin to make a curve by itself, this is normal and desirable.
  6. After you reach the desired length, make 3 more cross knot without beads.
  7. Now snip and singe the 2 cords diagonal to each other so that both sides we have twin cords.

Singe the end of cords.

Look at what you've just made, isn't beautiful?

Now wait for a moment and look at what you have just made. Don't you think you just wove old school, super easy , cross knot paracord keychain fob :D. Surprriseee.

Next step is optional if you do not wish to add end caps and an adjustable length mechanism.

Step 4: Adding End Caps to Necklace

Grab some jewelry wire and a small cylindrical rod like object. Just make sure the thickness of the rod should allow you to make a coil which is large enough to let two paracord strings pass through it. See images above and follow:

  1. Grab the rod or pen or pencil and start wrapping the wire tightly to make an approximately 1.5" long coil.
  2. Remove the coiled wire carefully from the rod.
  3. Cut extra wire on sides
  4. Hold the coil using your both ends and pull it carefully from the middle.
  5. Using cutting pliers, cut the coil in the middle to make two coils.
  6. Using flat nose pliers, adjust the wire close to coil. You have just made your necklace end caps :).
  7. Carefully insert the twin paracords on both sides inside the coil.
  8. Pull the coil all the way through paracord to reach the necklace ends.
  9. If there is any sharp end of wire peeking out from the caps, cartefully bend them inwards using flat nose pliers to protect skin from getting scratched.

I really think adding the ends caps have given quite some detail to the necklace and made it look more classy :)

What about you? :)

Now just one more optional step and you are done.

Step 5: Making the Length Adjustable

You don't have to follow me here to make this adjustable mechanism. You can just close the ends using 4-strand diamond knot. Or you can use this mechanism which I had used in my another necklace project.

In this mechanism we will simply use a bigger wire coil of around half inch that would let 4 paracord string pass though it. I kept it removable without tying any knot but you can also tie your favorite knot to lock the coil.

So that's it dear, your ethnic necklace is ready to show-off :D.

Thank you for your time to read this iBle. Please do share your feedback and don't forget to share using the 'I made it button' if you choose to give it a try.

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You are awesome.

Stay tuned.

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