Introduction: Woven Tag Hiding Place

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We all need a hiding place sometimes, securing our valuables. For me, data is one of the valueables. Data storages have become smaller and smaller to the size of a fingernail such as microSD cards. It is small and easy to hide anywhere in your wallet or bag but people will also search for it in any possible places from under your phone's case to any pockets you have.

I guarantee you that no one will search into your shirt's woven tag (before this writing is published). Yes, inside a woven tag, on your shirt or on your pants.

Step 1: Woven Tag to Pick

Pick a shirt (or pants) that has a tag woven at all four sides. Some tags are woven only at two sides and those are not suitable for this project unless you are willing to weave the two open sides.

Step 2: Break the Weave

Break the top weave half way, either on the top left or top right, by cutting the thread at a quarter or three quarters of the top weave. Then pull the thread off slowly to the corner and to the center of the top weave.

Step 3: Secure the Lines

Secure the weave by doing overhand knot or double overhand knot at both ends. You can patiently use your fingers or tweezers to accomplish this task.

Step 4: Hide Something Inside

Now you can hide micro stuffs inside through the opening. MicroSD cards or bills or anything that fit in depends on the size of your woven tag. Just don't forget to take out your valueables before laundry ;)

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