Introduction: Woven Yarn Tapestry

Now that we all have so much time on our hands, I've decided to make some home improvements. As I was searching online, I discovered that places such as Anthropologie and Pottery Barn over charge for such simple decor. I took matters into my own hands, and decided to create a woven yarn tapestry that are sold for $70+.

I hope you enjoy!



  • Wooden Frame (22 x 28)
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Measuring tape
  • Cardboard
  • Wood Dowel
  • Yarns (one 100% cotton, different textures)
  • Plastic Tapestry Needles (curved end and flat end)

  • Fork

Definitions to Know

Weft threads- side to side – horizontal threads

Warp threads- going up and down – vertical rows

Fringe- tassels

Step 1: Make Your Frame

Step 1 - Hammer the nails into the wooden frame in a zig zag/staggered formation 1/4th inchs apart.

Step 2: Use Your Yarn!

Step 2 - To start, begin to tie off one end (starting on the inner) and bring the yarn up and around the first nail, then you continue up and down the frame, and around each nail. Moving from the inner row to the top row (alternating in order of the nails.)Add your cardboard (size depending) at the top of your frame, this is where you will place your hanging agent when this is finished.

Step 3: Begin to Weave!

Step 3 - With your wooden dowel, decipher your warp and weft threads and thread it through. This will be your guide, separating the yarns for easier access. After you decipher your warp and your weft yarns, begin to weave in and out. Once you do this for the first few rows with your crochet needle, use a fork to pack down the yarns.

Step 4: Customize!!!

Step 4 - Once you get the basics, make sure to customize!! Experiment with different kinds of knots and fringes. Use yarns with different textures to make your piece more dynamic.

Use a 3/1 over under method for a more bulbous texture.

Cut yarn and knot it on the yarns to create fringe, cut whatever you feel necessary.


Step 5:

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