Introduction: Woven Newspaper Clutch

This year, I made my slightly eccentric sister a clutch I made by weaving strips of newspaper. Let's hope she likes it!
My mom ( has inspired me to recycle as much as I can. I work at a newspaper and bring home newspapers from time to time to read, and they pile up really quickly. When I'm done reading them, I don't really like throwing them away -- so I decided to find a way to reuse them.

Warning: if you choose to make this, know you'll be getting your hands dirty! Folding newspapers gets black ink on your hands like crazy. Don't worry though, it washes off easily.

Step 1: Here's What You'll Need:

Supplies needed:

  • Newspaper (how much depends on how big you want your clutch/bag)
  • Tape (both wide shipping tape and regular clear adhesive tape)
  • Scissors

Optional supplies:

  • Glue gun
  • velcro

That's it! You probably already have all of these things in your home

Step 2: Cut and Fold Newspapers

Grab a two-page spread from your newspaper pile. Cut it in half, and then cut that half in half. You'll end up with one-fourth of what you started with.

Decide which way you'll fold your newspapers. You can either fold them "hot-dog" style, so the strip is long, or "hamburger" style, so the strip is shorter. Here I'll fold them "hamburger" style in order to have a smaller clutch.

Fold them however wide you want your strips to be, just make sure all of your strips are even. I folded mine so they'd have about a one inch width.

With a small piece of your thin clear adhesive tape, tape up the sides so it's closed.

Step 3: Tape 'em Up!

Now grab that shipping tape.
Place a long strip of shipping tape over the strip of newspaper and fold the extra shipping tape over the sides.

You'll want to end up with at least 15-20 of these bad boys before starting to weave, and even then you might need to make some more.

Step 4: Now Start Weaving!

This the fun/tricky part. Since I'm bad at planning, I make most of my crafts through trial and error.
I laid out all of my strips on a roomy flat surface to see what I could do. I used my craft table (aka my dining room table). Decide how big/wide you want your clutch. I made mine big enough so I could fold it in thirds (in order to have a flap closure) in the end.

Now start weaving! Tape your first vertical strip to all of the horizontal strips so they will stay in place. Now weave until it's full!
Tape all of the sides down so it's secure.

Step 5: Tape Up the Sides

You're almost done!
Now tape up the sides of your clutch. Since you probably don't want the tape showing, tape under the weaving. Tape over the weaving if it looks like you can get away with it, which is what I did.

Step 6: Adding Optional Velcro Closure

If you want a secure closure, you can snag some velcro out of your craft stash. Hot glue on of the velcro pieces to the inside flap and the other velcro piece opposite of it.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Step 7: Adding an Optional Bow

I added a bow to mine, just because the clutch looked pretty plain without it. I just grabbed my already-warm hot glue gun and started gluing again. If you have two extra tape-covered newspaper strip then you're all set.
Grab one and fold it in thirds, like I did. Cut the second tape-covered newspaper strip down to a few inches (enough to wrap around the bow.) Hot glue it all in place and you're all done!

Step 8: You're Finished!

Now sit back and admire you're hard work!
Or if you're not exhausted, go paint the town and strut your stuff!

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