Introduction: Wrangler Door Hanger

This particular write up is for a Jeep LJ which requires a cut out to accommodate the door checks. If you have a JK or TJ, you can eliminate the check openings and will need to double check the hinge distance. The materials are minimal as is the build time. You will need:

  • 2 each - 2x4x6'
  • 2 each - 3/4x8"x6' plywood
  • screws
  • eye bolts. I used #104 x 2 1/16". For JK or TJ doors probably need eye screws at least 3" long to accommodate for the heavier doors.

Step 1: Measurement

Here are the measurements used for eyebolt placement and check openings. This set up requires the doors to be installed facing out, then rotated in. If you want to be able to hang the doors from the sides, you will need to increase the check openings to accommodate the height of the hinge pins. Hope that makes sense.

For JK and TJ, you don't need to worry about the check openings, but you will need to double check the measurement between the hinge pins.

Step 2:

Start by screwing a 2x4 into a stud. Use at least 3 1/2" screws placed every foot.

Step 3:

Screw the plywood sides into place using 1 1/2 or better screws, spaced about every foot.

Add the remaining 2 x 4 to the front of the box, and screw into place.

That' it.