Introduction: Wrap Your Cords in Embroidery Floss

Learn how to cover your cords in embrodiery floss (stranded cotton); whether that be your cell phone charger cords, earbud cords, or any type of auxiliary cord. Nowadays almost everyone has the same type of earbuds or cell phone charger cord, by wrapping your cords in embroidery floss you can tell your cords apart from others and add your own colorful touch. Not only will you personalize your cords, you will also create a layer of protection and give your cords a longer life. Wrapping your cords only takes a few cheap, everyday items and a few simple knots and maybe an hour of your time.

Step 1: Acquire Your Materials

To create your uniquely wrapped cord of your choice you will need the following materials:

-your cord of choice, for this particular project I chose earbuds.

-embroidery floss, this can be found at any craft store and some supermarkets

-a clipboard or a safety pin, I personally prefer a clipboard but if you don't have one a safety pin will work fine and also is great for wrapping on the go, you can pin it straight to your pants.


Step 2: Choose Your Cord

Choose which cord you want to wrap. Electronic cords, a way of connecting to a device, are used to charge electronic devices, plug into headphone jacks, or connect to a computer. I find earbuds to be the most popular. My personal favorite is the phone charger cord because you will be able to easily tell if it is yours in the giant pile of chargers plugged in at work, your dorm room, or lost and found.

Step 3: Choose Your Embroidery Floss

Embroidery floss is a type of yarn that is usually manufactured or spun by hand. Embroidery floss is most commonly stranded cotton, but can be found in silk, linen or rayon. It is loosely twisted, six strand thread. These threads are dyed different colors to create a wide array of options for your craft projects.

You can pick a few different colors to switch in and out during the process or you can buy the tye dye embroidery floss. This is my particular favorite because it gives the changes in color without having to stop and cut the floss and retie on another floss.

Step 4: Tie Your Embroidery Floss Around Your Cord

No fancy knot-work needs to be done here, just a few simple knots as close to the base of your cord as possible.

Step 5: Make a 4

If you've ever had any experience with making friendship bracelets before, this knot will seem familiar to you. You pull your embroidery floss over to the left of your cord and create the number 4 with your floss going over, not under the cord.

Step 6: Pull Your Floss Through

Then pull your floss under the cord and through the 4 or triangle shape you have created.

Step 7: Pull Your Floss Tight

Put one hand on your cord to keep it taunt and with the other hand pull your embroidery floss straight up.

Step 8: Pull Your Floss Up

Then pull your floss all the the way up to the original knot you tied. It is important to keep your cord straight down and tight to create a good knot with your embroidery floss.

Step 9: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

Keep repeating steps 5 through 8 and you will start to create a knot pattern. And you just continue this all the way down the cord if you are using one continuous floss like the tye dye one I chose. Once you reach the end, just create a few simple knots like you did when initially tying on the floss and you're good to go! If you chose to switch floss colors, you simply cut off the one you are using with enough floss left to tie on the next color and then start steps 5 through 8 again.

Step 10: Finished Product!

Now you have a personalized, protected cord! You can keep it for yourself, gift it to a friend or start your own little business and sell your cords!