Introduction: Wrapped Balloon Lamp

This time its a Wrapped balloon lamp. Which has a 5v Bulb and a LED Strip.The 5v is powered with a wall outlet and the LED Strip is powered by a 9v Battery.

Step 1: Things Needed+

Here's the things that included in this project.

  1. A balloon.
  2. 5v Bulb
  3. 5v Bulb Holder.
  4. Wool.
  5. Fevicol or Binder glue
  6. White paper(To cover the box)
  7. Some water.
  8. Tape(to take the measurements).
  9. 2 Boxes (One Smaller than the other).
  10. Double Side Tape
  11. A plug with wires.
  12. LED Strip.
  13. 9v Battery.
  14. 9v Battery Holder.
  15. Swicth
  16. Rigifoam
  17. A brush.
  18. Wires.

Step 2: Circle

First fill the balloon with air and make a circle with a marker. Use the Tape to take the measurements.

Step 3: Mixture

Now put some glue to a bowl and mix it well with water with a brush.

Step 4: Wool+

Now put some wool to the mixture and mix it also and then cover the balloon with that wool. MAKE SURE NOT TO COVER THE CIRCLED PART OF THE BALLOON.MAKE SURE TO DRY THE BALLOON FOR ABOUT 2 DAYS

Step 5: Cover

Now cover the boxes with white papers. And the make a hole as shown and paste double side tape as shown and fix the LED Strip.

Step 6: Cut and Fix

Now cut small box as shown to fix the Switch of the LED Strip. To the power supply of the LED Strip the 9v battery is under the large box. Observe Circuit diagram and do all the connections.

Step 7: Hole

Now make a hole in the larger box. And fix the Bulb holder in the top and fix the bulb. The wires of the bulb goes straight into the wall outlet.REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE WORKING WITH 230V SO BE CAREFUL TO TO SHORT THE LAMP. And now cut the balloon and take the shell. MAKE SURE TO DRY THE BALLOON FOR ABOUT 2 DAYS

Step 8: Done

And we a done I wish you a good luck on making your own Wrapped Balloon Lamp. If you have any question you can comment below and If you like this project make sure to follow me in instructables and make sure to vote me in the contests of instructables.

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