Introduction: Wrapping Paper Book Cover

Hi so I will be showing you how to make a book cover out of wrapping paper. In the past I have done it out of paper bags but I have found that wrapping paper is more exciting which is why I thought I would share this.


1. a book to wrap

2. a pair of scissors

3. clear tape

4. wrapping paper of your choice

5. a pen to mark your creases (optional)

Step 1: Fold Wrapping Paper in Half

Most wrapping paper is not thick enough to last with a single layer which is why I recommend folding it in half.

Step 2: Crease Top and Bottom Edges

To ensure that your cover fits your book snugly, fold over the top and bottom edges. You might want to use a pen to mark your creases before you fold them.

Step 3: Fold Sides Over

Fold one side over the inside of the book. If there is paper that crosses over the crease of the book, cut it down.

Step 4: Check Length of Fold

It is important to make sure that the excess paper on the inside is not too short. If it is the book cover will fall off. The image on the left demonstrates a good length whereas the image on the right demonstrates and insufficient length.

Step 5: Tape Top of Fold

Secure your fold with a piece of clear tape both at the top and the bottom of the cover.

Step 6: Close the Book and Repeat Step 6

It is important to close the book in this step and make sure the paper fits well over the book before you secure the second fold. If not, the cover will be too tight, which may damage the book, or too loose.

Step 7: Optional: Cut Excess

You may want to close the book and cut the excess paper from the fold if it bothers you. Secure it with another piece of tape afterwards.

Step 8: Secure With Additional Piece of Tape

If your return paper on the inside of the book is long, you may want to secure it with an additional piece of tape. This way, the cover will not be loose or fall off.

Step 9: Crease Edges

Turn the book to the spine and crease the edges. This will make the book look sharp and allow it to fit well. That's it. You're done!