Introduction: Wrapping Wire Dispenser

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Recently I have been working with the WS2182 LED's, and wiring them together is time consuming and tedious enough without having to stop every few minutes to untangle the wires, so a quick draw, slap it on the laser cutter and glue.

Tada! I made a thing!

I had some 18mm dowel and some offcuts of 3mm MDF in the shed so these designs are based on those measurements, they can easily be adjusted to suit different material if you needed.

Material list:

3mm MDF

18mm Dowel


A screw

A washer (larger than the dowel)

Step 1: The Files....

The files contain the layout for a 3, 4 or 5 roll holder all in a similar format to the photo.

Select your size and cut away!

Step 2: Glue and Dowel

Glue all the bits together, its easier to start with the base and add the front and back last.

I used Gorilla Wood Glue, it sets in a few minutes and is good to go within a few hours.

Cut a length of Dowel with around 5mm extra, I just put the dowel through the box and marked it, chop it off and screw a washer on the one end.

I found it easier to load the cable rolls while it was sat on one end, then feed the dowel through.

Job done!

Simple and saves so much time as you no longer have to untangle a wire knot every few minutes :-)