Introduction: Wrapping the Perfect Gift

In this Instructable, you will learn how to wrap the perfect gift!

Step 1: Purchase the Item That Is Being Wrapped

Find the gift that is perfect for the occasion and purchase it. Do this step in advance and don't wait until the last minute.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

Gather what you need:

1. The Gift

2. Wrapping Paper

3. Scissors

4. Tape

5. (optional) Additional items such as bows, ribbon, etc.

Step 3: Placement

First, roll out the wrapping paper on a flat surface (a table or the ground will do) and place the most narrow end of the box right next to the edge of the wrapping paper. Fold the wrapping paper up onto the box such that it fully covers the box's height at the edge.

Step 4: Cut Your Wrapping Paper

Cut the equivalent of the wrapping paper on the opposite side of the wrapping paper that you used to measure the box's height.

Step 5: Fold & Tape

Place the box in the center of the wrapping paper and fold over one of the long edges and tape it to the far side of the box. Then fold the opposite long edge and secure it down with tape as shown above.

Step 6: Now the Sides

Where the wrapping paper edges overlap, fold the top flap onto the side of the box. This should create two little wings at the side.

Step 7: Fold the Wings

Now fold both the wings inward creating a nice crease.

Step 8: Fasten the Flap

Fold the triangle from step 7 in half one time toward the box, then flatten the flap against the box and secure it with a piece of tape.

Step 9: Repeat Steps 6-8

Repeat Steps 6-8 on the opposite end of the box.

Step 10: Finishing Touches

Finished! Now that your gift is wrapped, add a bow, ribbon, tags, or any other decorations as needed.