Introduction: Wrecking Ball Crane Halloween Costume

Our son loves everything construction and farming. This year he wanted to be a wrecking ball crane. This wrecking ball crane took my husband about 5 hours to create. It took me (Mom) about an hour or two for the paint (over a few days) and lettering. The base is made of wood and re-purposed jogging stroller wheels and casters on the front so it can spin in a 360*. The crane is made of recycled cardboard, duct tape and hot glue. It is very light. Our five year old son is able to push it Fred Flintstone style;)

Step 1: Research Images

Step One: We scoured the internet looking for images of cranes and wrecking ball cranes that appealed to our son...and his Dad who did the construction.

Step 2: Find Materials

Step 2: Find cardboard boxes in a suitable size for the project, buy Gorilla or Duct Tape and Hot Glue.

Step 3: Assemble/Construct Your Materials

Step 3: Assemble your materials using you printed image as a guide. Use Gorilla/Duct tape and Hot Glue to seal boxed together and corners.

Step 4: Paint and Lettering

Step 4: When construction is complete. Grab your favorite color spray paint and go to town:) If there is writing on the box it is wise to go over it with another color first. In our design we used red paint. There was blue writing on the box that was showing through after the first coat so I sprayed it with black paint to cover the writing, then went over it again with the red. I have a Cricut cutting machine and cut the letters out and used spray adhesive to attach them...however you could use paint.

Step 5: Base

Step 5: The base is made of wood 2 x 4's. A simple rectangle with jogging stroller wheels attached. It also has casters on the front so it can spin in a 360*.
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