Introduction: Wrist Mounted Laser Gauntlet Prototype

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Hey everyone! Im back with another project, though this time its only a prototype so stay tuned for version 2!

Also, I made two of these prototypes, and Im giving one away! If you want to win one, the details are at the end of this instructable.

Two of my favorite superheroes are Spiderman and Ironman, and I wanted to create a project to take tech from the film world and bring it to the the real world in order to feel like these characters. While debating what to make between the two superheroes, suddenly I realized...why not both? I decided to create an iron man style "wrist mounted" laser gauntlet that could be worn and used just like spiderman's web shooter. Now like I said, this is just a prototype and I just wanted to see how all the parts would fit together, and honestly I love it! Now, depending on which laser you buy in the next steps, the laser gauntlet will easily burn through wood, plastic and pop balloons, with that being said remember its not a toy so never point it at anything living.

Step 1: Parts You Will Need

To build this project you only need a couple cheap parts! The lasers are interchangeable (One is more powerful than the other) and don't forget you need laser glasses!

200mw Laser Module $11.00

1000mw Laser Module $23.00

10 Pcs Square Push Button $6.00

10 Pcs Battery Hook$3.00

400M 1.75mm PLA Filament $30.00

3.7v 1100mAH Battery $4.00

As you can see the final cost, not counting tools such as the 3d printer or soldering gun is around $50-$70 depending on which laser you buy.

Step 2: 3d Printed Splint

The first step to make the wrist mounted laser, I Printed a 3d splint I found on thingiverse.

Special thanks to piuLAB for creating the 3d Wrist Brace

I printed this using PLA and in 100% infill. Once the print was complete I pulled the brace off the platform and began to boil some water. Once I saw bubbles starting to form on the bottom of the pot, I put the splint in and let it sit for about 30 seconds. Then I used some tongs to take the flexible brace out and used my hands to form it around my wrist. Yes it burns a little bit! I dunked my hand in cold water right before to try and avoid a bad burn, though it only hurts for a couple seconds. The result is a custom fit wrist brace and a frame for the laser in the next step!

Step 3: Adding Components

Next it’s time to add the actual laser parts. Bend your middle finger over the brace and find a comfortable spot where you’re finger rests. Once you found it (See Picture 2) note where that spot is and get your switches ready. Putting a reasonable amount of two part epoxy onto the edges of the bottom of the switch, be sure to avoid the terminals of the switch, and place the switch into the hole you noted earlier. Using your finger, hold the button in place till the epoxy dries.

Then I repeated the whole process for the laser module. However the wrist brace comes with built in "tabs" that are perfect to hold the laser module. Make sure to align the laser module so that it’s perfectly straight, I just eyeballed it and laid some epoxy onto the bottom. To make the build cleaner and more professional, I ran the wires along the form of the wrist mount as you can see in the last picture. Once that was time it was time to solder it together.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Using your soldering iron and some heatshrink, its time to finalize the circuit! The first step is to prep the wires, push the two wires from the laser module through the hole in front of the button in order to solder it to the switch. The cut the RED wire and solder that end to the switch. Using the the wire you just cut, solder the rest of the RED wire to the other terminal of the switch. Then solder the RED from the switch to the RED wire of the micro jst connector. The BLACK wire can go straight from the laser module to the BLACK wire of the jst connector. What you just made is a simple switch circuit that when powered up will say off until the button is pressed and the laser will turn on.

Step 5: Adding the Battery

Next was time to add the battery. I used a small piece of Velcro and attached it to the battery. Then I used the other half of Velcro and stuck it to the wrist mount.

Next was just a matter of press fitting the battery in place and plugging the jst connectors in together!

Step 6: Adding Straps!

The last step was my favorite. Using some battery straps I had left over from my 210 quadcopter build. Because they were to long, I cut the excess off and threaded the tips through the strap holes on the 3d printed brace. Using a bit of super glue, I folded the the tip of the strap back onto itself. I did this for two straps and let them dry.

Once they were dry, I pulled the straps tight and strapped the splint to my wrist!

Step 7: You're Done

Now you're done!

While this laser is really cool, don't forget its not a toy, don't point it at anything living and don't forget to wear glasses.

All you have to do to win the giveaway is like and comment on my YouTube video and you will be entered. I will announce the winners in the comments when my next project comes out so check regularly.

And that's the end of my instructable! I hope you liked this project, if so dont' forget to like comment and follow the rest of my accounts:



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