Wrist Strengthening Tool

Introduction: Wrist Strengthening Tool

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You could spend a bunch of money on fancy wrist strengthening things such as these: https://www.google.ca/search?q=wrist+strengthening...

Or you could just make it yourself!


- A drill

- A saw

- A tape measure


1 old hockey stick

1 old skate lace

1 weight (I started with 5lbs, working on getting up to 10lbs)

Step 1: Measure, Cut and Drill

Let's get right to it!

Measure the stick length that you want, and cut it down to size.

--The longer your stick, the wider you can open your arms, and work different regions of your forearms and shoulders. However, if size is a constraint, make sure you have enough stick length on each side of the rope to comfortably hold and move your hands.

Measure the lace length that you want.

-- In order to measure the length of rope, hold your arms out in front of you. Grab a piece of rope or lace in one hand and let the other end drop to the ground. That is at least how long you will want your rope so that you have a full range of elevation from the ground to your shoulders.

--Add some extra length of rope so you can easily tie knots on each end without compromising on the workout range.

Now that the lengths have been measured, you can finish it up by joining every thing together:

- Drill a hole in the middle of the stick;

- Thread the lace through it;

- Tie the lace to itself and the stick;

- Tie the other end of the lace to the weight.

There you go! You may now add it to your arsenal of gym equipment!

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