Wristband Nightlight



Introduction: Wristband Nightlight

Do you have young kids who wake up in the night and get scared of the dark?
Night lights are good, but sometimes our rechargable ones run out of battery after a few hours.

Here is a night light that only comes on when you push the button ( i.e. when you need it) and it can be worn on the child's wrist so they can find it easily if they wake up.  And it is made from a soft silicone wrist strap so they can't hurt themselves with it.

Maybe you are too old for a night light.  Well this is also a nice, portable, waterproof camping light.

It is a disposable design - so when the battery runs out you will need to rip it apart, save the somponents you can and start again.
But this only took about 10 mins to make and 24 hours to dry.
Given that it is a momentary switch ( only stays on while you are holding the switch down) - the battery should last a few hundred hours (theoretically)

Basically you will need:
  • A silicone wrist band
  • A 2032 lithium button battery
  • A nice, bright LED
  • A solder iron and some solder wire (basic skills only required)
  • A momentary tact (push button) switch - low profile
  • Some silicon  ( the sort used to seal gutters, around bathrooms etc )
  • Can use some food colouring if you would like to colour the silicon the same as the band -(optional)

Step 1: Assemble the Light

This is basically a throwie with a switch - that is stuck to a wriststrap using silicon.
  1. Tape the wristband to a table ( using duct tape) to hold it in place.
  2. Use a dab of silicon to stick the pushbutton switch to the positiive side of the battery and solder one of the switch connections to that side of the battery to make a good connection.
  3. Bend and cut to length the wires on the LED to fit.  The negative side of the LED ( the short one) should go to the negative side of the battery.  The positive one to the other side of the push button switch.
  4. Solder the LED to the switch (positive) and the battery (negative).  Check that by pushing the button that the LED lights up before going any further
  5. Stick the battery to the wriststrap using more silicon.  Make sure some silicon goes under the wrist strap as well to secure it to the strap.
  6. Cover the whole lot in silicon and smooth it over as best as you can - this stuff is sticky.   Don't worry too much about little straggly bits - we can tidy that up when it all dries using a razor blade.
  7. Let it dry - this will take about 24 hours.  Then neaten it up with a sharp razor blade
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