Write It ! Make It ! Share It !

Introduction: Write It ! Make It ! Share It !

My students have been using Legos help adding creativity to their writing, organization of writing, and to showcase their work digitally with their family and with their peers in class.

Step 1: Write It!

Students are given a blank story board with three sections. Students use the board to write a beginning, and end of a story. Pictures are to include the setting and characters. The written portion should include the dialog of the story.

Step 2: Build It!

Students are given 3 story boards to create 2 scenes from their story, a beginning, middle, and an end. As the build students are reminded to add as much detail to their story using the Lego boards and Lego pieces.

Step 3: Share It!

During this students students may work with a partner, small group or on their own. Students will take their 3 story boards to a computer station or bring an iPad to their desk. First students will create a Title Page on page 1. Students will take a picture of their beginning story board and insert it to page 2. Students may edit their pictures and graphics to add details to their story. Students will repeat this step for story boards used for middle and end scene. Page 5 students will create a "The End" page with graphics matching their theme of their story. Final page will be an "About the Author" page.

Step 4: Share It! MORE!

Students will share their work by sending their to their online digital portfolio for their parents. In class students will leave their projects on display in their classroom. A Lego Wall or Lego Table would be a good place for students to showcase their work.

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    3 years ago

    I believe this will be what my child wants. Why don't we SHAREit so many people want to know about it