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Introduction: Writer's Wallet

About: What I look for in an Instructable, either in making or viewing, is cheapness and easiness. The same things I look for in a date.

This is another notebook/wallet instructable. What makes this one different is that it's not a well done instructable.

I was looking for a new wallet, but couldn't find anything worthy. My last wallet was a cigarrette case from Barcelona which was great. People (read: chicks) were always curious where I got it, but the main reason I got it was to potentially fool muggers/pickpockets. I was searching for such a wallet, but no matter what I ordered, I wouldn't be able to tell the stories that came with it.

Thus I stumbled upon a few ideas and threw them into a blender. I saw this instuctable:

It's one of those "magic wallets." So I decided to custom make a magic wallet using the instuctable above and throw it on the front of a small Ecosystem notebook.

A magic wallet will only handle cash though. Fortunately there's a sleeve at the back of Ecosystem notebooks (http://ecosystemlife.com/products/detail/author/?PHPSESSID=fccbf55507fef0aad99499def88dadb9). I have the 'small' size.

The pouch just needed a quick modification to hold some cards.

NOTE: for those looking for the simplest possible solution for writing+wallet, you could buy a Pico Pad (a credit card sized pad with a micro pen found here:http://www.amazon.com/Everyday-Innovations-Bronze-Onyx-Silver-Complete-WN3-Pack-BOS/dp/B000V8PP7Y)

Philosophy : All of this was based on the idea that I need to write more. A wallet is pulled out often, so if i've got my wallet-notebook out, maybe I'll write a genius insight as well. Plus, I'd have a quick story to tell about my not-so-unique wallet-notebook. If they don't like the craftsmanship, I'd say it's a gift from my younger nephew. Some of you may go, "Why not keep the wallet and notebook seperate?" But the idea is to (hopefully) write more.

Step 1: Materials

This is more or less what you'll need:

Stretchy bands
Super Glue
Exacto Knife
Cardboard/Strong paper

Optional: Ruler

Step 2: Making the Magic Wallet

This is the hardest part of the whole instructable and I stole it from another instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/Clever-Wallet/). Watch the video, it does a far better job than I could explain.

All you have to do to adjust is trace the notebook cover onto two pieces of cardboard and cut them out.

Only two cardboard pieces for this. The video has 4 pieces. However, here, one of those 4, is the notebook and I suggest you wait till the end to chose a final piece as this will be the cover of the notebook. Maybe you want something like a solid color (to draw on) or maybe some Rice Krispies cardboard or a cover off an old unwanted book (Da Vinci Code? then you can tell people your hideous hand writing is actually coded)

Then follow: https://www.instructables.com/id/Clever-Wallet/
to make your custom magic wallet.

After following the video instructions, you'll end up with something like I have below. I picked different colors for cardboard and bands. Sometimes those magic wallets can be so confusing, decided to take the magic out of it. These are custom fitted to my notebook.

Step 3: Glue Magic Wallet to Notebook

Like the step says, just glue the magic wallet to the notebook cover to complete the step.

Tip : glue doesn't need to canvas the entire cover if the glue is strong enough, but just ensure the wallet will stay glued. No worries if it doesn't, easy to add glue or remove the wallet all together.


I updated the magic notebook (third picture below) to remove one of the cardboard pieces and glued the stretchy bands straight on notebook (making it thinner in the end). Follow the "Clever Wallet" instructable. Like the picture below, glue the bands on, fold them back across the notebook cover, and put a piece of cardboard on top. Then fold the end bits of the stretchy bands back on the cardboard and glue. (just like the video shows).

Step 4: Mark Where Cards Go

The back of an Ecosystem notebook has a little pouch for storing torn out pages I guess. We'll use that for storing credit cards and such. Now you could just leave the pouch alone and simply store cards sloppily away. We're classier than that. We just need to make a few simple slits with an exacto knife.

I only have 4 cards, perfect for this. All you have to do is stand one card vertically on the pouch. Stand it at an angle like the picture below if you want, [Tip : it's easier to slide the card back in if it's at an angle (i think?)]. Once you've found, more or less, where you want your cards to go, trace along the vertically standing card a straight pencil line. Do that 4 times till you've got the picture below.

The image below has all 4 pencil lines in it. Each one is at a slightly different angle for no reason other than to keep things spicy.

Tip: to see the card behind another, just offset the pencil lines so when the cards are stored, you can see the edge of the card behind.

You can make another pouch if you have more cards and glue it to the front cover for more card storage.

Step 5: Card Cuts

Using your exacto knife, cut along each of the 4 pencil lines. Cut slightly beyond each pencil line so the cards fit in easily. Of course, it's always easy to cut more later.

Step 6: Done With the Magic... Wallbook(?)... Notellet(?)

You're done with your new Magic Wallet Notebook. Mine is still a bit ugly, haven't put the final cover on it yet. Plus the idea struck like a Tampa Bay Lightning punch and I rushed into this instructable.

The notebook band keeps the wallet closed. I have the bills standing straight up. Unfortunately, the bills extend just a bit beyond the dimensions of the notebook (the mint didn't think of Ecosystem notebooks when designing American bills).

Note: when opening the wallet, it automatically pushes the notebook band to the side, opening the notebook.

Tip: fold the bills in half and stuff them in the magic wallet if you don't want them sticking out. Just make sure the half bills catch the single bands when you flip the wallet side to side.

Step 7: New Writer's Wallet!

The best part about this instructable is that it's like 2 instructables in one!

This is a new writer's wallet. Simpler design. I used a black Ecosystem notebook and made a little pouch out of some semi-durable paper. Got the idea from this site:

Just glue the pouch to the back/front of your notebook. My red pouch below is on the back of my notebook so when I'm writing, the money is safe between my hand and notebook. My pouch is that particular length for no reason. I could have made it the width of the bills and stored the bills the other way than showing below, maybe for the next Wallbook/Notellet.

I did the same card storage as the last notebook.

You could also put the pouch inside the notebook so the money is safer and you have to open the notebook each time (forcing you to write more hopefully).

Step 8: One More Writer's Wallet...

This is the last one and it's not really a design. This notebook (PaperBlanks| Old Leather) is a bit longer than an American bill so the bills fit inside. There's a metal clasp to keep the notebook closed. Of course, you can keep the money on the outside. I don't use this idea though.

This proposes another idea though. You could get a magnet and like a magnetic money clip wallet, glue/sew it onto a notebook cover. Buy a cheap one if you want and cut it off?

You could also buy a paper/tyvek wallet from thinkgeek.com and glue it on as well, too easy though. (Again, this is all about forcing one to take out their notebook as well as their wallet. obviously you could keep the two separate, too lame though).

You could of course make your own notebook from scratch. One of my favorite sites has a how to guide for college notes. Just scale it down: http://lifehacker.com/5611648/diy-ultimate-note+taking-notebook

Step 9: Pen Ideas

Like any writer, you need something to write with. If you always have a pen on you then this is unnecessary (unless you're ambidextrous and want two pens to write notes faster). I looked for a good way to attach a pen and didn't really find one. I used velcro on the green one below (left), but it doesn't work that well.

For the black notebook (right), I simply clipped a small pen (Pilot G-2 mini) to the notebook stretchy band.

Other untested ideas:
You could make a small fabric loop and glue that onto the notebook's side.

I have another, more complex, idea to clamp the pages together and carve out the the right side to fit a pen in, similar to the 'rock hammer hidden in the bible' prison trick. Too complicated though.

Anyway, that's everything, let me know what your other ideas are. I feel like I've thrown out quite a few.

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    8 years ago

    Can you be more direct with the instructions, because the ones from the other guy didn't work out right. Please add in those instructions.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea. I also came up with a notebook-wallet hybrid and I'm taking pre-orders now. Email send_joe_mail@yahoo.com if you're interested:



    12 years ago on Introduction

    i love the little improvisations you made :D
    it's like a crazy all in one wallet/notebook/cardholder thingum.
    great job! :D