Introduction: Writing a Procedure

This week we will be focusing on writing procedures. We will makes some cool stuff, and will then get to upload it online to the internet. This means that anyone will be able to look up our procedures when they want to know how to make something.

Step 1: Think of a Title

The title tells the reader what is being explained. If we are telling people how the make popcorn, the title would be...

Step 2: Goals

Explains what the procedure aims to make.

Step 3: Materials

This tells the reader what they will need. We usually write a list, like when we go shopping.

For example:

  • Popcorn
  • Microwave
  • Bowl
  • Salt

Step 4: The Steps

Just like this Instructable, our procedures need steps, which tell the reader how to do, or make something. We need to use verbs when doing this. For example, one of our steps could be to Open the packet of popcorn seeds.

Where is the verb in that step?

Step 5: Check

This step is important. It tells the reader how to check if the procedure worked, and gives them some help if something isn't quite right. For example, we could write:

Taste the popcorn. If it needs more salt, sprinkle some more on. Be careful not to put too much on though.

Step 6: Check Your Success Criteria

Check the success criteria. Have I done all of this?

Step 7: Upload and Select Pictures

Upload pictures from your computer or iPad, and select one for each step.

Step 8: Full Preview and Publish

Select Full Preview to see how your work will look when you publish it. Does it need any changes?

Get someone else to read your procedure, and publish online. You can edit after publishing if you need to.