Introduction: Wrought Iron Handrails/ Fence.

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Iron is a verstaile material to work with and if you add some fire in this work, you can make wonderful things. A friend of mine asked me if we could make an Iron Handrail and I said : Say no more, Lets do this. (My friend didnt know that I dont have any Blacksmithing shop ) I asked if he had a Backyard in his home, we could make it there. After 1 week of hard work we finished and installed the thing. Blacksmithing its trendy right now, I've seen some guy making swords in a Satellite Dish as a forge. Im doing this cause I just want to prove that the lack of materials, tools or space its not a problem for create and make awesome stuff.

Step 1: Setting the "shop"

We used a big sledgehammer as an anvil, 6 speed electric blower to fire up the coal forge, a bench vise, a pair of hammers.

Step 2: Blacksmithing in the Backyard

We used a mix of Coal and Coke to heat up the iron bars. we first make a fire with wood then start to add the coal and the coke. then when the brazes are hot enough we could put the tip of the iron bars wait until its bright red and start to mash the tip of the bars making a nod.

Step 3: Heat, Smash and Curve, Repeat

Once all the pieces are heated and smashed the Snub end scrolls, we used two pieces of rounded bars and we made a simple design using just scrolls.

Ok heres the thing...this isn´t the "propper" way to make the scrolls, but I had to improvise due to our lack of was indeed a lot of pounding forging the Snub end scrolls, but in order to make the bigger curves I had to work with my abdomen, you see : fit the bars in the middle of the two rounded bars and start to push forward with some kind of rythim... it came out pretty fine.

Step 4: Welding and Building.

We used ye old Tig stick welder to build up the whole fence

Step 5: Paint and Install.

In order to give strength to the fence we added a wood reinforcement to the fence handle digged a small hole in the floor and fix with concrete at the beginning of the fence, then fixed to the ground with expansion anchor bolts.

Step 6: The Aftermath.

One little thing that my friend didnt tell me it was that this Handrail was for the Major Town Building. Everyone loves the thing and Im thinking of opening a small Blacksmithing shop in this litlle nice town, just for the weekends, who knows, it could be the start of a Blacksmithing Project. Wish me luck and if you liked it, please comment, and vote in the Metalworking contest.

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