Introduction: Ws2811 LED Display


how to build your own led display by led Strips ws2811b

Step 1:

Thing you need



you need nearly 40m.

3-some of wire

4-power supply 40a 5v

5-piece of wood or flexible Curtain

I used caboon.

6- shrink

Step 2:

I used 51x40 will become 2040 rgb led ws2811 that mean use every port 1020+1020 i want to make 1024+1024

64x32 but i have to do this to put in my workshop in crtical size

stick all strip but you have to attention to (data in) and (data out) in strip

Step 3:

now you must solder ground to ground and positive to positive and make sure you don't wrong with data input and out i search in the internet to schematic for wiring ws2811 but i don't find it i make simple circuit look to image

Step 4: Program

set program like image and write what you want load image video like you want

we done