Introduction: Microsoft Xbox 360 S Power Adapter (Brick) Repair

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Warning :: This will Void your Warranty.

Last Night my X-Box Adapter Brick really got Bricked. Due to a Power cut I have to leave the game unfinished but when power resumes, as soon I switched the X-Box ON, Boom and smell came from the adapter. My goodness I touched the cover from outside and seems that the Primary side is hot. So the Controller or regulator part is OK. I tried to open the adapter but what I found is disappointment bcos of the Very bad monopoly step by Microsoft of using a Torx T-6 Special Star Allenkey Both with a stud at the center. How ever I had to open it many tools I have and at last I succeed.

So the problem was Burnt Component or Fuse , so no LED was glowing.

What we need :-

Fuse Wire

Soldering Iron

A varistor as explaned must be 1:1 replacement comparable but in my case K300 denoted its Highest Voltage for Breakdown. and I found it OK.

Step 1: Whats Inside

The Fuse and the Varistor is shown.

Please do this opening of the adapter block with caution as per Manual of handling is concern.

Step 2: The Dead Star and the Debut One.

The yellow Varistor is the Original one which was burnt in the last night accident.

Step 3: The Home Town of the Debut Star

I had this CFL Driver circuit from a scrap. I crosschecked the datasheet of the varistor and found that it can be used. Basically this Varistor Provides protection for spike High Voltage by short circuit itself and blowing the fuse upstream very fast and thus isolates and protects the control or Regulator circuits from Over voltage .

Step 4: Blown Fuse Repair.

The Blown fuse was shorted with a fuse wire of 2A. Ratted FL current is 17.8A

And its done .

I am enjoying my Games.

This case Was very simple and so easily sorted out.

Stay tuned.

You can;t believe how much I feel good after this was working back. It Was such a burden that You Owe a X - Box but the adapter was burnt and it costs USD40 or 2500 INR.