Introduction: X-Pong Table: Four Person Circular Ping Pong Table

Hope you enjoy my tutorial and explanation for X-Pong: The New Ping Pong

Step 1: Intro and Explanation

I created this in order to submit it to a contest. However, when a contest that worked for it came out, this table was ineligible because It was published before the start. I was so disappointed.

I did all that work and then was ineligible. So I have decided to re-make the instructable and delete my old one.

I added quite a bit to this one and put it a lot more work.

It has revamped rules and explanations

I wish I did not have to take the old one down, but it was the only way.

Here it goes:

I've always enjoyed ping pong, but I didn't own a ping-pong table. I didn't just wanna buy or create a normal ping-pong table because that seemed boring. Instead, I decided to reinvent both the game and the table. I decided to make the table circular and revamp the rules of the game.
This instructable will show you how I made my table, and try to teach you how to make one yourself This project took me about 8-10 hours total over a four day period and ended up costing about 100 dollars. All of the materials were rather easy to obtain and pretty much everything went according to plan.

Step 2: Materials

1.) Two 4x8 pieces of plywood or wood similar to plywood - Home Depot

2.) Four 2x4's - Home Depot

3.) Green Paint - Home Depot

4.) Three Ping Pong Nets:

5.) Four C - Clamps - Home Depot

6.) Zip Ties - Home Depot

Also will need:
Drills Saws and Screws - Home Depot ;)

Step 3: Tools

I used a:





Miter Saw

Step 4: Measure and Cut the 4x8 Wood

First I measured the halfway mark on both sides of both sheets of wood

Then I tied a sharpie to a string

I had someone hold the string tight to the halfway point on one side of the wood

Then I used the sharpie to draw a half circle

I repeated on the other piece of wood Then I used that line to cut out the semi-circle

Then I sanded the edges of each board

Step 5: Paint Wood

Then I pained two layers of green paint on each board!

Step 6: Build Frame

For this part, you need the following dimensions for the 2x4's

2: 60 inches

3: 57 inches

4: 30 inches or 2 and a half feet tall

Once you cut the wood into those dimensions you can build the frame

First I placed the wood on the ground and drilled three holes into the end of one of the 60-inch pieces of wood

Then using those holes I screwed screws into those holes connecting it to the end of the 57-inch piece of wood (See images)

I created a square of wood this way.

Then I took the four 30 inches pieces of wood and flipped them vertically.

I used a level to find the exact angle for the wood and screwed four screws to secure each piece of wood in place.

Those will serve as the legs. (see images)

Lastly, I flipped my frame so it was standing, and took my final 57 inch 2x4 and screwed it directly in the middle of my box (see images)

Step 7: Connect Semi Circles to Frame

Place each semi-circle onto the frame

Place them both equally on the center support beam

Then measure one and a half feet of overhang on each edge

This is so that the wood will hang equally off each side

Then screw the semi-circle into the base along the middle board

Then screw one screw into each corner of the base

Step 8: Connect the Net

Take out the three nets that were purchased

Then take one of them and cut it directly in half

Then, use zip ties to connect each newly cut half net to one of the other full nets

Then using the line created when the two semi-circles where pushed together and place a C - clamp on either side.

Then using that same line measure four feet across.

After marking the four-foot line, use that marking to measure the exact center line going the other direction and place the other two C Clamps.

Zip Tie the nets to the C clamps

Step 9: Now That You Are Finished Here Are the Rules!

After playing this game multiple time I have adapted and changed some of the original rules.

Since there are four separate people with their own sector of the board the original scoring and serving rules had to be adapted.

Serving: How I played is there is a rock paper scissors tournament to decide who serves first. You face the person directly across from you and winners face each other. The winner serves first. Then after 2 serves that server switches to the person on their left. It is two because five proved extremely difficult to keep track of.

Scoring: This is where the game takes a turn away from regular Ping Pong.

So to start, get either a whiteboard or a piece of paper to keep track of "faults."

Every time a player messes up/loses a point he gets a "fault."

Once the first player gets 11 "faults" the player with the lowest score wins.

If there is a tie, then play keeps going until there is 1 lowest player.

All play is the same rules as regular ping pong EXCEPT, You can hit the ball before it bounces once in your sector of play. That is because during my time playing the game there have been a few instances where the ball is hit into another players net. If that happens then there would be nothing that player could have done. So the rules have been adapted.

Step 10: Final Page

So if you have any ideas to make the table of game better leave a comment and I am more than happy to take any suggestions or criticisms anyone may have. I have attached a video of the play of the game so you can see how it worked.

Thank you for reading!

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