build a lil x-wing

Step 1: Collect Materials

at minimum you'll just need scissors and one piece of paper, but to make it look fancy I'd use another piece of paper and tape too.

Step 2: Start Folding

start by folding your first piece of paper Into quarters as guide lines, then unfold. fold both ends of the paper like you would making a normal paper airplane (see picture) then refold on the quarter lines. fold your wings down and you'll see what is basically a half length paper airplane

Step 3: Split the Wings

cut the wings across the back between the two layers splitting them in two. the airframe is pretty much finished and perfectly flight ready. from this point forward the steps are just to make it twenty times cooler.

Step 4: Coolify

First fold the second paper Into either fourths or fifths hotdog style and tape it to keep it folded. fold one end to fit the front or your airplane. for me this was about 70° out from the center. tape it on the front and top and cut the excess from the back. optional: listen to some cool groves while you color on a cockpit window and some other classy decals. done

Step 5: Done: Flight Test

i tested the mcdoo but my dog though it was a frisbee and enjoyed chewing it up. after adjusting the flight surfaces a lil, the plane will glide 10 to 20 easy, but I suggest throwing it from a few stories up because it does some seriously sick tricks given enough hight
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