Introduction: X+ Laptop Stand

This is stand i've made so i could use my laptop in bed. I named it X+ because of it's configuration, upper part is formed like + and it holds laptop, down part is formed as X so it can stand still on shaky ground like bed surface.It has minimalist design for the function it is meant to do, its wearable despite fact it can hold still a 3.5 kg 17 inch laptop it can literally fit in your pocket.

Currently i'm raising funds on indiegogo, so i could buy machines to build it look more professional and possibly begin manufacturing it and sell it all around world if i raise enough funds. After funding is finished, i'll post here detailed instructables of how to make your own. Until that happen, be free to share the idea or contribute if you can. Thanks!

Help make it happen on indiegogo: X+ laptop stand for bed

See X+ laptop stand on YouTube

Step 1: Main Parts of Stand

These are simple main parts, that weights 400 g all together, and hold 9 times heavier laptop.

Step 2: Size

Size of it compared to 15.6 inch laptop.

Step 3: Standing on Bed

It can stand still on various parts of your bed.The monitor is in level of your eyes.

Step 4: Multifunctional

It can be on your desk too, so you can use your laptop while you stand not only in bed.

Support it on indiegogo

See X+ stand on YouTube

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