Introduction: X985 VIVISECTOR

55mm E(x60) Class, X985 VIVISECTOR, v1.1.0.8


I'd like to start off this hulk by telling the story of the Vivisector. Originally, It was but a giant, 60 shot wheel. Then, I got the idea to make it back mounted. I built a casing that wasn't nearly strong enough. I built another. And another. I ended up wasting an enormous amount of my pieces on the shell. But here it is, in all its glory - the Vivisector.

This Instruction will be in 9 parts - The Wheel, The Bullets, The Motor Cage, The Back, The Base, The Sides, The Front, The Top, and The Attachments.

Piece Count:
Gray Rods: 131
Red Rods: 312
Yellow Rods: 733
Blue Rods: 1385
White Rods: 240
Green Rods: 543
Flexi Rods: 0
Total Rods: 3344
Blue 3D Connectors: 685
Purple 3D Connectors: 795
White 8-Slot Connectors: 87
Yellow 5-Slot Connectors: 330
Orange 5-Slot Connectors :0
Green 4-Slot Connectors: 2
Red 3-Slot Connectors: 6
Orange 2-Slot Connectors: 254
Gray 2-Slot Connectors: 125
Gray 1-Slot Connectors: 286
Tabbed Connectors :64
Black Y Connectors: 5
Green Crossties: 0
Total Connectors: 2639
Other Parts
Silver Bearings: 20
Blue Bearings: 40
Wheels: 0
Motors: 2
Balls: 0
Gears: 5
Panels: 50
Chain Links: 0
Hinges: 0
Figures: 0
Total Other Parts: 122
Total Parts: 6100

Yeah. 6100.

Step 1: The Wheel/Bullets I: Overview

The Wheel. This Step is purposely placed first, as I know many of you couldn't care less about the frame. Or you just don't have the pieces to build it.

Anyway, Piece count is as follows...

Gray Rods: 102
Red Rods: 102
Yellow Rods: 204
Blue Rods: 60
White Rods: 76
Green Rods: 112
Total Rods: 656
Blue 3D Connectors: 120
White 8-Slot Connectors: 14
Yellow 5-Slot Connectors: 160
Orange 2-Slot Connectors: 184
Gray 2-Slot Connectors: 120
Gray 1-Slot Connectors: 256
Tabbed Connectors:61
Total Connectors: 915
Other Parts:
Silver Bearings: 2
Blue Bearings: 1
Total Other Parts: 3
Total Parts: 1574
+60 Rubber Bands (#32, Doubled Up)

Step 2: The Wheel I: the Core

Build this part. If you're only building the wheel, ignore the silver spacers and white snowflakes at the edges.

Step 3: The Wheel II: the Spokes

This is a true PAIN.

2: Build 64. These are singles

3: Build 24. These are doubles.

Connect singles to 1,2,4,6 and 8,9,11, and 13 (Grey facing towards center)
1,8 2,9 4,11 and 6,13 are all pairs.

Connect doubles to 3,5,7 and the other sides to 10, 12, and 14, respectively (Grey facing center)

Step 4: The Bullets

Build 56 of the first type

And 4 modded with grays and whites.

Arrange them like this
1mod - 14regular

Keep going and you'll have 4 of those.

Now, attach them in a huge long line.

Get the wheel out again and attach in the following formation. Attach the SECOND Bullet(The first is modded) to the very top - any of the top 8 spokes. Attach the others sequentially, but SKIP the Modded bullets. In the end, you have 56 attached, 4 free.

Make sure the side the bullet comes out of has the two spacers, and the other side has the 3 spacers and white connector.

Alright, the wheel is done. If you just want to build this, you're done too.

Step 5: The Motor Cage I: the Motors

If at this point, you don't have 2 Terrain Trekker Motors - Turn Back.

Anyway, Build these and put them somewhere.

Step 6: The Motor Cage II: the Shell

No comment, Just build.

Step 7: The Motor Cage III: the Middle Gears

Just Build.

Step 8: The Motor Cage IV: the Center

Just build.

Step 9: The Motor Cage V: Assembly

First, stick the loose end of the center into the Shell's snowflake
Then, add a blue spacer and Gray connector.
Add the Gears...
And the Motors

Step 10: The Back I: the Core


Step 11: The Back II: Expanding the Borders


Step 12: The Back III: the Border 1

This part borders the rest.

2: Build 2

3: Build 2

Step 13: The Back IV: Expanding Borders 2

Build 8 of pic 2.

Put them all over like in pic 3.

Add red rods like in pic 4.

Build 4 of pic 6.

Build 8 of pic 7.

Then insert steps 10-12.

Step 14: The Back V: the Border 2


Step 15: The Back VI: Expanding Borders 3

Build 3 of pic 1. Mod 2 with pics 5 and 6.

Build pic 11.


The back is done.

Step 16: The In-Between Top

Simple enough. Build this.

Step 17: The In-Between Right

Again, Build.

Step 18: Ther In-Between Left

Build and add a rubber band, like so.

Step 19: The Beefy Base

Ugh... Build this big base.

Step 20: The Front I: the Core

Build this.

Step 21: The Front II: Expanding Trhe Borders

Add the Blues, the Yellows, and the Half-Moons.

Step 22: The Front III: the Border 1

Build this... And insert Steps 20-21.

Step 23: The Front IV: Expanding Ther Borders 2

Attach blue rods everywhere and Yellow rods on the bottom.

Step 24: The Front V: the Border 2

Build and insert 20-24

Step 25: The Front VI: Expanding the Borders 3

Attach the reds, then the triangles, then the lower bricks.

Step 26: The Front VII: the Border 3

This one is big and droopy (no pun intended).

Now you have a pretty Octagon.

Step 27: The Front VIII: Expanding the Borders 4

First, Blues everywhere. 'Cept that place in Pic 2.

Then, reds.

And at the bottom, reds too.

Then yellows.

Step 28: The Front IX: the Borders 4,5,6, and 7

Build these and attach.

Step 29: The Front X: Bonus Panels

Add these. If you don't have them, use picture 1.

...Or don't add them at all. They're there just 'cause they look cool.

Step 30: The In-Between Top II

Build this little part.

Step 31: Assembly

Oh, damn.

Step 32: The Wiring

You'll need about 6 feet of thin wire. Or string.

Anyway, tie it around The orange piece a few times. Then add that red part. Then tie it around the edge and add a white rod. Then loop it around the top, and pull it down to the base.

Step 33: The Attachments I: Bottom Armrests

If you want a mobile gun, build these. if not, ignore these steps and use.

Step 34: The Attatchments II: Shoulder Rests

Build these ultra-strong triangles.

Step 35: The Attachments III: the Chestplate

This is almost identical to the base.

Step 36: Loading

Well, You're done. Get yourself 60 rods and get ready to load. It ends up as approximately 5 minutes.

Watch the video to see how to do it fastily.

Step 37: Usage

To turn on, pus the black buttons in. When it's warmed up, pull the blue buttons out. Now pull the string, and see that you've just wasted hours of your life for a half second of firepower.

Step 38: Troubleshooting

Got problems? PM me and I'll post them here.

Thankya to Chris for wasting a day helping me count 6100 pieces, my parents for putting up with 6 months of chaos in my room, and you for reading...