Introduction: XBOX 360 Rapid Fire Mod

In this Instructable I will show you how to make your own Xbox 360 rapid fire controller mod. Please be aware that tampering with the controller voids the warranty of the xbox. Before you start this project be sure that you are prepared to do this because once you open the controller there is no going back.

WARNING: your controller can break if you do this wrong ( WORKS ONLY WITH WIRELESS )

This is for informational purposes only. use this to have fun. Do not use this in an xbox live ranked game because you are liable to get reported and banned for it

********* Make sure you ar comfortable with using a Soldering Iron because if any solder gets on the circuit board it could creat a short circuit which would break your controller******************

** This controller is not a working mod. This is a old broken controller that I used to show what The wires and stuff should look like. For your controller mod you need to have the one with the silver resistor thing on the front right below where themain xbox controller button is.

Step 1: Supplies

WARNING: Your controller can break if you do it wrong

These are the supplies that you will need to complete your project:
1. A soldering iron
2. 22 gauge hook-up wire (at least 2 ft)
3. Solder (I had a small roll of it)
4. 1 momentary pushbutton switch
5. Hot glue gun
6. Xbox 360 wireless controller
7. Torx 8 security screwdriver
8. A drill with a drill bit that fits the size of the button.

MAKE SURE THE SCREWDRIVER IS THE CORRECT TYPE!! I ordered online because it is very difficult to find in stores. also make sure it is the kind with a small hole on the tip.

Numbers 1-5 can all be found at Radio Shack

The cost of this project is about $25 not including the controller

Step 2: Opening the Controller

To open the controller take the torx 8 security screwdriver and unscrew all be screws. There are 7 screws to find the seventh one open the battery pack and remove the small sticker that is covering it.

Step 3: Opening the Controller II

Once you have taken out all 7 screws carefully lift the back off, when you have completed this take the grey piece off of the bottom. Follow the pictures for guidance.

Step 4: Taking Out the Circuit Board

Now carefully lift the circuit board from the front of the controller. Make sure that the buttons stay facing downward or else they will fall out.

Step 5: Soldering the Wire

Take a length of wire about six inches long and solder it to the second spike of three (see pictures)

*Be careful not to burn the circuit board or else it may break*

Step 6: Soldering the Second Wire

Now, Take another length of wire about the same length (6 inches) and solder it to the spot indicated in the pictures.

*Be careful not to burn the circuit board or else it may break*

Step 7: Inserting the Button

Now drill a hole in the back of the controller where you want your button to be. Make sure you drill in a spot where the button can have room. Once you have drilled the hole insert the button and glue it to the controller.

Step 8:

Now that you have inserted the Momentary push button into its hole attach the two wires from before to each of the little prongs make sure that the two wires do not touch each other.

Step 9: Close It Up

Now close the controller. This should be easy and if not you may have to reposition the button or tuck in the wires. Now you are ready to play!