Introduction: XBOX Case Mod **simple & Colourful**

this is my first instructable hmmm . fairly simple LED case mod using easily found parts . this Instructable is completely reversible if it doesn't go to plan ...(thats practically a guarantee after some of the things ive seen )

Step 1: Lets Get Atarted Get Yer Tools Out

tools & items needed ;-)

torx 20
solder iron & solderer
wire ( i had some enammeled wire lying round ) **shrug** my place is good like that .
hot glue gun ( sticky pads are ok i suppose )
pliers,cutters,scissors,teeth what ever youve got
XBOX obviously
beer ,bifta = BONUS

** like my babyliss solder iron stand made from my missus hairstr8ners stand **
take lid off and rip out the metal lining

Step 2: Solder Away ! Leds & Resistors

I used
5mm 4x blue
5mm 2x green

cause I'm such a nice guy ill save you the time working out values lol
xbox psu (powerpack) is the same as PC's so you have 2 options 12v or 5 v .
since the leds are 3.3v (20ma) i used 5v so the resistors we want to use are 100 ohm (brown black brown *gold tolerance*

the blue leds over powered the green so i used 400 ohm resistors for the blues but thats my personal prefrence

look closely at the led there is a large & small metal bit inside its the SMALL 1 that is positive (+)

go ahead and solder 1 end of the resistor to positive.

scruffy spider wiring was only to test as some leds out my box were dead

Step 3:

the main thing for me was it had to be neat because everythings on show
i used enammeled wire for the reason its easy to work with

measure the wires so it looks like the pic and strip off the enamel at the ends and the 2 points near the centre DONT FORGET TO DO THIS !!!!!

hot glue the wires down neatly
now we need to know which wire is which (+) (-)
solder the centre led and test with batterys now you can solder the other 2 making sure to keep the polarity the same on EVERY led
WOO HOO were halfway there
do the same the other side
the pic only looks like a single wire but rest assured its not

**note** i left the centre connecting wires until last thats why my wires crossover in the middle . hopefully you will think it out better than me as i was half baked (if ya get me )

Step 4: Lets Get Electrified

i had a molex connector off the side case fan out of the pc **this is necesary if you want it reversable**
the other way it can be done is to push the wire in the connector and then plug it back in the hdd to trap it .if you use this method BE CAREFUL not to create any shorts
the fan was wired for 12v so i had to swap the wires for 5v use

5volt wires
red (+)
black (-) next to the red
im not sure if both the blacks are common (the same) would somebody let me know plz

the other pic is my attempt at making xbox usb which i found the diagram on instructables.its not neat but it does the trick & its built to last ( filled with hot glue) my front usb on the pc had to suffer to make this lol

Step 5: Re-assembly

solder the wires to the led in the back right corner
plug it in both ends
i had to re-arrange a little bit to make the molex connector fit snug look @ pics
i think its fairly neat & glows like a thingymajig wotssy call it
slide the lid back on without trapping wires

put your 6 torx screws back in put the pads back on (may need sticky tape)

****notice my xbox is black with crystal cd-rom & lid ive called it XBOX 50/50****

congratulations youve done it sucessfully it the steps were followed

there will be more instructables to come . im always tinkering with something.... if this goes all good i will make an instructable on how to build an fm transmitter from scratch with minimal parts & very easy pcb . please comment