Introduction: "XFN Snowflak3" Knex Rifle

The XFN Snowflak3: 
The gun which has had the same general concept to for two years. 
A simple tube and stick rifle with a block trig system.

Very accurate
Powerful (can pierce 6-8 sheets of corrugated cardboard)
Fairly easy to make, simple in design
Comfy handle
Compact and lightweight

Block trigger
No clip
Trigger is far away from the handle
Uses a few cut pieces (but good if you have already cut pieces and want to use them)
Uses so many !@#$%^& snowflake and half-snowflake pieces...

So yeah... I've tried to make this as detailed as possible, the yellow boxes with notes help, I hope. Have fun with it (if you have enough snowflakes mwhahaha)
For increased stability, replace all long gray rods with the harder black ones.

Step 1: Barrel and Chamber Construction

 Just follow the pictures... Notes on pictures can be helpful in making the things pictured.

Step 2: The Lower Part

 Follow the pictures and notes

Step 3: The Handle That's Made of Random Pieces!

 Follow the pictures and notes. May be complicated, cuz I don't have a clue how I came up with this handle.

Step 4: Piecing This Sucka Together.

 Follow the pics and notes. When putting these together, take the scopey thing off. Put those green rods in the bottom piece and line the top and bottom up. It's very easy to hammer them in. Forcefully.

Step 5: Clip (for Show Only)

 Build this and hammer it into place.

Step 6: Foregrip

Step 7: Ram and Bands

 Follow the picture.

Step 8: The Only Somewhat Necessary Mods

 Follow the pics...

Step 9: Firing... YOU'RE DONE!

Okay. This step is really complicated.
Pull back the ram until the trigger clicks down all the way.
Push down on the right side of the trigger (I know it's far away...)
CRACK! Rod goes flying.

YOU'RE DONE! Now try to take it apart. You're going to need to sometime if you want to make another gun that uses snowflake pieces. Haha

I hope this was detailed enough... If you need assistance, just put it in a comment and I'll respond ASAP. As slowly as possible.