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Christmas time is here, that means your favorite webcomic will most likely make an x-mas themed comic.

This happened with XKCD, and it made me laugh. I thought it was so clever i wanted to make an ornament so i can hang a little big of nerdyness on my tree this year. All this took was a laser cutter and acrylic!

You can use this to transfer any comic into a fun and festive ornament!

Step 1: Preparing Your Images

The first step is to prepare you images for the laser cutter.

I had to first take out the color from the image using an image editing program. Next i used illustrator to put the image into curves.

Putting the image into curves allows the laser cutter to make the lines more clean and crisp.

Lastly i used corel draw to layout how it would be engraved and cut. I had a nice border and a hole for an ornament hook.

Step 2: Cutting the Image

Next you want to cut out your image, this won't be too hard if you know how to use your laser.

It took me a few tries to get something that i liked. I found that the images on clear turned out a lot better than those on the colored acrylic.

Don't have a laser cutter available? Try Ponoko or another laser cutting service.

Step 3: Add an Ornament Hook

Next you want to add an ornament hook, This will allow you to use your ornament on a tree!

Step 4: Hang It on the Tree

Lastly all you need to hang it up on your tree.

The clear acrylic ones allow the lights to shine through which is pretty awesome, but they are horrible to photograph.

Show off your own geek ornaments in the comments!

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