Introduction: XM8

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Another gun!? Yes!
How am I supposed to keep getting better and better without building a lot? Well, let's forget about that and take a look at the actual gun. 
This gun is a normal ram rod gun, with a removable magazine. But there's something about the magazine that makes this gun worth posting... And it's the magazine from the ghost! I know, lots of you are going to be saying, "It's just another ghost! In a different body!" and that is partially true, but you can't go wrong with that mag. 
So let's get into the features. It has: A pin guide! It has an elongated version of the magazine from the ghost, Great looks, good sights, quite comfortable, and is quite reliable!
So, you ask, what is bad? Well there are a couple things. The handle and stock are a little flimsy (they can be twisted), and it has a very high part count. So, if you have a lot of pieces, this is a great gun, and I highly recommend building it! It's worth it!

Step 1: FakeBarrel

The fake barrel.. Get building!

Step 2: Stock

The part that you press up against your shoulder. Keep building!

Step 3: Body

The body, the place the magic happens in every knex gun.

Step 4: Top Rail

The rail on the top of the gun. Has no function except for looks.

Step 5: Magazine & Firing Pin

Just follow the pictures carefully. 

Step 6: The Rest

This is the elastics, and shooting.

Step 7: Break!

Now that that's all over, take a break, have a slice of some warm apple pie!