XR80 Oil Change

Introduction: XR80 Oil Change

So you own a dirt bike, right? Well if you don't, you can still read since changing oil on a dirt bike is one of the most important things to know.

With these Hondas, all you need to do IS change the oil.

Difficulty: easy..

Cost: $5

Since these dirt bikes don't have oil filters, the cost is only oil

REMEMBER: Safety first

Step 1: What You Need

What you need for this instructable is:

Oil (check your owners manual for weight)


Ratchet Set

Oil Pan

oh ya, and a bike to preform the oil change on.

I will be using a xr80, but the concept can be used for any air- cooled bike

Step 2: Drain the Oil

So, to drain the oil, all you need to do it unscrew two things.


Unscrew the filler cap/dipstick. This will remove the vacuum seal so the oil will run as free as a turtle


Unscrew the drain bolt located underneath the engine

Wait 5 minutes for all the oil to come out

Step 3: Add Oil

Now that you have drained out that nasty oil, lets put some clean oil in

After replacing your drain plug, kindly insert your funnel into the filler hole.

Then, fill your NEW oil into the bike (check you manual on how much oil you need, the xr80 took 1 quart)

Finally, run your bike for awhile, check your dipstick, and add more oil if needed.


Don't do the last step until you complete this step. I guess I should have put this step first... oh well!

BEFORE you drain the oil, warm up your bike and place the catch pan under the bike.

Now you can complete the step before this

Step 5: Conclusion

You just complete your crucial oil change for your baby!!!! How does it feel?

Check your manual to see how often you need to change your oil. If you race, I suggest you change it before each one.

If you have any questions or see a mistake, give me a shout out in the comment section.

Here is a video of the whole process from start to finish


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