Introduction: XY Axis CD-ROM Laser Printer

This printer uses Arduino UNO as controller, motion mechanism adopts CD-ROM's step motor, print text and graphics by laser.

Hardware components

Seeed Arduino UNO R3 ×1
CNC Shield V3 ×1


Laser module ×1

Relay module ×1

Step 1: Prepare Two CD-ROM

Here I will make a simple laser printer with two CD-ROMs removed from the old desktop computer, The printer uses Arduino as the main controller and GRBL software to control the motion of stepper motor and the work of laser module to print text and patterns on paper, wood and plastics.

Step 2: Make the Fixed Bracket

Fixed bracket of laser printer is made of tray of CD-ROM and iron shell. This will make full use of these waste materials, which is a very environmentally friendly approach.

Step 3: Circuit Connection

Arduino UNO R3's pin define. The green marker is the pin definition of Arduino and the purple pin definition of CNC Shield V3. When installing, just insert CNC Shield V3 into the corresponding interface socket of Arduino UNO R3.

Step 4: Assembly the Printer

Install the XY axis stepper motor mechanism on the fabricated frame, install laser head components, and connect the corresponding wiring, such as: stepper motor drive signal, laser switch signal.

Step 5: Burn the Flash Code

Burn the firmware needed in Arduino. First, you need to download the grbl source code,, then open the Arduino IDE, load the project file grblUpload.ino under examples/grblUpload directory, compile it directly, and download it to Arduino UNO R3 after compiling.

If the burning is successful, the following information will be output in the serial port. The baud rate should be set to 115200.

In addition, you need to install a software on the PC to control the printer, which mainly sends Gcode to Arduino. There are many control software options, such as Grbl Controller, Master Microsculptor, Universal Gcode Sender, Candle and so on. Here I use Master Microsculptor.

Step 6: Works Presentation

You can use it to print some of your favorite words or graphics on cardboard, plastic, wood and other materials.

Very funny! In fact, it is quite simple to make a printer by yourself. If you are interested in it, make one as soon as possible.