Introduction: Xbox 360 Controller Mod for Sprint, Crouch, and Hair Trigger

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This mod relocates where the analog stick clicks take place. By adding two buttons to the bottom of the controller, you can sprint more easily, and don't jostle the controller when you are trying to hold your breath while sniping. If you are getting butt kicked at First Person Shooters, like Halo, Modern Warfare 2, or Battle Field 2, this set of simple controller hacks could even the playing field for you. For the Rapidfire hack you don’t need to solder which is a huge plus, but if you want to relocate the Sprint and Melee buttons you will. This is a completely doable do it your self that will take under an hour if you have ever used a soldering iron before.

Step 1: Mod 1: Added Buttons

This mod to the controller is the addition of these 2 buttons. They replace down click of the analog stick. To start you need to remove the screws. These are “Security Torx” but you can use a small straight head screwdriver just fine, though you may need some strong hands to get the screws to turn.

Step 2:

2. So when you're aiming and holding your breath, you no longer have to worry about the downclick, when you hold the buttons. But first, we are going to do the “steady aim” hack by removing the force feed back motors that can cause our aim to wobble when we are shooting.

hint: There is a hidden screw under the label next to the battery pack, this lets Microsoft know that you voided your warranty.

Step 3: Mod

nce you have exposed the Circuit board you can start on the “hair trigger” hack to give you more rapid fire. A piece of bent wire serves as a pin to stop the trigger from being fully depressed.

It more or less just sit there.

Step 4:

But a little hot glue keeps it in place.

Your controller is now “rapid fire” with a hair trigger.

Step 5: Relocate Buttons

To relocate the buttons first we have to make holes in the case for the microswitches, so we use the tip of the hot glue gun to melt a hole in the controller. (this smells bad)

The finished holes should look pretty good because the plastic will warp, so you get nice edges.

Step 6: Glue and Solder Switch

There are threads on the microswitch, but to make sure the switch stays in place a little superglue is not a bad idea.

Solder wires to the connections on the switch.

Step 7: Mod 3: Shorten Trigger Throw

Main trigger button was shorten. Secondary left standard.This makes the main trigger a rapid fire trigger, ie a hair trigger.

when soldering: Be careful not to heat the leads too much or you will melt the switch.

Step 8: Last Bit

Wire the other end of the leads to the places on the PCB where the analog sticks switches connect. (indicated with red dots on this image)

Put it all back together, and you are ready to play.

Step 9: Addition of Gecko Feet

Added gecko feet. Aids in quicker reaction time