Introduction: Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor DIY TV Mount

Last November 4 saw the debut of Microsoft's new Kinect sensor, and it wasn't long after that fans started deliberately rearranging their living rooms to accommodate the revolutionary new gadget. The issue that many quickly came across was that the device needed room, and lots of it. Eight feet of clear floor space, in fact.

Many were informed that mounting the sensor on top of your TV set would give you an additional foot of virtual space, but with the majority of people either using wall-mountable sets, the only option was Microsoft's officially licensed TV mount...which they sold for $40. They also didn't sell the TV mount in Canada, so what other option did I have than make my own?

I took a trip to my local Home Depot to figure out what I could do with whatever odds and ends I could find in the store. The great news is I found a surefire way to make a secure Kinect sensor TV mount on the cheap, and all it'll take to make it is about 10 bucks and 15 minutes of your time.

Step 1: Materials You'll Need

Head to your nearest hardware store and fill your basket with these items:

4"x 2" Velcro strips with adhesive backs - pack of two (Industrial strength is ideal)
18"x 3/4" Velcro strips with adhesive backs - pack of two
3" PVC pipe about 2 1/2" in diameter
A square metal door sign about 5 1/2" length*

*OPTIONAL: Any firm metal or plastic plate will do. Without the metal door sign, the total price of all the remaining items should be less than $10.

NOTE: You can opt to pick up a black PVC pipe and square plate (or spray paint them black) to match the rear of your TV set.

Step 2: Prep the Components

The trickiest part about working with velcro is remembering which parts attach to other parts. To help things along, I'm going to refer to the velcro strips sides as either hook (scratchy) or loop (fuzzy). It's your call which side to use, but be aware that you'll have to reverse my instructions to keep the ends matching.

First, grab the PVC pipe and make sure the surface is clean. Affix one of the 4x3 velcro strips (loop) to the pipe lengthwise.

Attach the opposite side of a 4x3 velcro strip (it should be the complementary side of the velcro strip you attached to the pipe, which in this case is hook) to the square plate lengthwise, making sure to align the narrower end of the strip to one edge of the plate. The PVC pipe will eventually attach to this side of the square plate. Cut a 4-inch length of velcro from the 18x3/4 roll (hook and loop) and attach the loop strip centered and perpendicular to the opposite end of the wider strip you just laid down, and nearly flush to the edge of the square plate.

Flip the square plate over and attach the third 4x3 velcro strip (loop) lengthwise to the edge opposite of the wide strip on the flip side. This is the side that will attach to the Kinect sensor.

Step 3: Lay Out the Mount Base

Locate the curve near the top section of the TV's rear plate. This is right about where you'll need to place the last remaining 4x2 velcro strip. Take the last 4x2 velcro strip and attach it lengthwise to the TV's back, right at the curve, making sure you don't end up covering any of your TV's access points, vents, or screw holes.

Take the other 4" length of velcro you cut (hook) and place it perpendicular and centered to the 4x2 strip you just laid down. It should be nearly flush to the edge of the front of your TV. This is where the square plate will rest.

Grab your prepped PVC pipe and lay one side of the velcro strip on the wide strip on the TV, the top of the pipe should line up with the top edge of the TV. Then, take the square plate and lay the side with both the wide and narrow velcro strip down, making sure that the strips are lined up with the strip at the front of the TV and the pipe. The velcro will ensure that everything stays in place.

Step 4: Place the Sensor

Cut two 2" lengths of the 18x3/4 velcro strips. These will attach to the underside of the Kinect sensor base. Lay them horizontally at the top and the bottom of the base.

Time to place your sensor! Lay the sensor on the single wide velcro strip at the top of the square plate, getting the device as close to the edge of the plate, and your TV, as allowable.

You're done! Enjoy your new toy, and I hope you found my first ever Instructable easy to read and follow.
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