Fix the RROD on the Xbox 360 (something New)

Introduction: Fix the RROD on the Xbox 360 (something New)

Hi, I decided to make this instructable because like everyone else, i got the dreaded Red Ring Of Death. I did tons of research to find out what other people have done to get some ideas. After searching the web I found a few ways to fix the x-clamp problem, and the mother board flexing issue. I really liked the hybrid fix which used a plate with two 4mm foam pads that applied an even amount of pressure underneath the processors. I approached it a little different, I used a 1/8 in plate behind the gpu with foam that is normally used for poster backing; it was 4mm thick and worked great. I bought the screws from a local hardware store, and the plate was cut from a electrical outlet box. This plate is much thicker than the one used in the hybrid fix, making it impossible for the board to flex assuring a good connection under the gpu. Now i didn't re-flow it, or re-ball it because its to expensive; makes more sense to just buy a slim.

Step 1: Cooling the Gpu

So when it came to keeping the gpu cool I decided to do something different. I searched for hours trying to find someone who extended the cooling shroud with fans; creating a cold air inlet. So I purchased two mini fans from radio shack and constructed a front-end shroud out of card board and hot glue. This took a couple hours because it was very intricate and needed to be the perfect shape, and fit around all the existing components. It came out perfect and pushed a lot of air over the gpu heat sink, all on its own. Once connected to the rear fan they created a huge flow of air over the heat sink and kept it very cool; one pulling cold air in, and the other pushing it out the back. I also did the 12volt modd with two 150 ohm resistors ran in parallel.

Step 2:

then to finish it off i cut a hole on the top and used some screen i found at a local surplus store. Also, I cut the grill for the rear fans because they restrict a lot of air. My Xbox has been working great for months, and for many hours at a time.     Please leave feed back, I would love to here it.    Thank you

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    2 years ago

    My 360 did that Red Ring dance on me too !! I just haven`t got around to it just yet. I may be doing something similar to this on my 360 as well. That is if I decide to reuse the original case. I`m tempted to build a case from scratch for mine and run like 3 x140mm fans on the sides, possibly 3 x 140mm fans on top of my case as exhaust, maybe 2 x120mm or 2 x 140mm out back and definitely take that back grill out !! I`m also thinking of running 2 separate 140mm fans underneath (1 for the CPU and one for the GPU). The bottom and side fans will be my intake of cool air coming in, and the 140`s up top and out back will get it all out. They have a adapter (Add2psu) that i`m gonna use to run my fans so that i don`t have to butcher the motherboard. I`ll be using a Modular PSU to run my fans. I`m going this way so in case i wanna add something wlse to later like temp guages for the CPU and GPU. At the end of the day you gotta do what works. Awesome job there, and thank you for sharing this with us.


    10 years ago on Step 2

    Well done!, Buy I want to know, why this hole? Please, iluminate me! I dont get the point....