Introduction: Xbox Controller Hack

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I was gifted an X-Box 360 a few years back.

Not being a gamer my-self I figured the grand-kids could use it.

Problem: Seeing as the G-kids lived in other towns and didn't visit that often, the batteries in the controllers would be dead when they came to use it. (Unhappy G-kids)

Step 1: First Solution.

I tried the usual ,regular carbon batteries, then rechargeable batteries.

No go. they would be dead time they came again. Of course I would for get to remove them after kids went home. Try rechargeable batteries they would also be dead by time they were needed.

On to step two.

Step 2: Rechargeable Pack.

Step two

Now lets try a rechargeable pack.

Order a Ni Mh 4800mAh rechargeable pack on line.

As useless as the rechargeable double AA's, discharge over time as well or forget to recharge them.

On to step three.

Step 3: Step 3

Solution; guess the kids will just have to plug the remotes into the console.

Problem: wire to short.

On to step four

Step 4: Step 4

Solution: add extension USB cable

Problem: keep tripping over wires between controller and console.

Next step.

Step 5: Step 5

Then it struck me?

Solution: If controllers work with console with out the battery packs, why not get Li-ON battery pack that don't loose it's. charge over time.

Problem: No such item.

this is getting kinda drawn out, step 6

Step 6: Enter Li ON

Solution: The portable phone chargers put out 5 volts why not use a couple of them.

Got my butt over to the Dollar Store bought a couple of cheep phone chargers. (wasn't gonna buy one of those expensive ones in case it didn't work.)

Best 8 bucks spent on this

Step 7: It Works

When I got back from the dollar store had to charge up the Phone\battery packs as per instructions.

After a few hours all charged up and ready to try out one at lest one. I hooked up the charging cord to the controller plugged it into the battery pack turned on the controller and It worked. Turned on the X-Box as well.

I now took the other battery pack and taped them together. Put them away till the G-Kids came over. They were impressed and happy. Grandpa was the HERO of the day.

Step 8: Summery

I don't know if this method will work with other systems but your own to try.

I find this the best and probably cheapest way to keep charged controllers on hand. They don't need recharging as often ans last a lot longer the regular or ni-cad batteries.

The cord could be shorten if you want but I like the original length better. (keeps the kids apart so no fighting)

I'm going to take a few more pictures and add them later.

Thanks for reading.