Xbox One Controller LED Color Mod(NO SOLDERING)




Introduction: Xbox One Controller LED Color Mod(NO SOLDERING)

Change the color of the the Xbox One controller Guide button without soldering.

Step 1: Materials

1.1 Gather the material you will need

-Torx Security T8

-Torx T6

-Super Glue

-X-Acto Knife

-Thin colored plastic (I used a Walmart cereal bag)


Step 2: Disassemble (Remove Controller Shell)

2.1 Remove the two side panels,battery cover, and and sticker in battery compartment. (I used my nails for the side covers. the side panels will make a loud popping noise when you are removing them.)

2.2 Remove the 5 Torx Security T8 screws.

2.3 Remove the front and rear panels.

Step 3: Disassembly (Remove Bumpers and Guide Botton Trim)

3.1 Remove the right and left bumpers. The bumpers are held in place by 2 clips(One in front and one on the back).

3.2 Remove the Guide Botton Trim by pressing the home button and lifting the Trim up and way from the board. (Careful not to lose the SYNC button)

Step 4: Disassembly (Remove Top Controller Boards)

4.1 Remove the 2 Torx T6 screws from the top board.

4.1 Placing your thumbs on the analog sticks, push the Top Board up.

4.3 Being careful not to damage the wires, stand the top board on one side to gain access to the screws on the lower board. (You can remove the thumb sticks to make it easier to move the board.)

Step 5: Disassembly (Remove Lower Controller Boards)

5.1 Remove the 6 Torx T6 screw from the Lower Board.

5.2 Once the 6 Screws have been remover , lift the Lower Board up and out from the controller.

Step 6: Remove Guide Button

6.1 Lifting up the conductive rubber pad to expose and remove the Guide Button.

Step 7: Cut and Apply Plastic to the Guide Button.

7.1 Cut out a small piece of the desired color plastic.
7.2 Apply a SMALL amount of super glue to the bottom of the Guide button, the place it on the plastic. (Apply pressure)

7.3 Trim off the excess plastic. (Make sure to clean off the excess glue on the side of the button to keep it from sticking when you reassemble the controller.)

Step 8: Reassemble the Controller (Tips)

T.1 Before you put all the screws on the bottom board, check that all the button are properly seated!!!

T.2 Reinstall the guide button trim before the bumpers. (DONT FORGET THE SYNCBUTTON)

T.3 When you're screwing the shell back on, start with the screw in the battery compartment.

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    4 years ago

    does this work on a one s controller? I dont want to get a new controller.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I think this is a nice and simple idea. Sometimes those kinds are the very best!