Xbox Controller W/PS1(2) Thumbsticks.

Introduction: Xbox Controller W/PS1(2) Thumbsticks.

So you might be wondering what struck me to do this. I was playing some Halo 2 yesterday on Xlink Kai ( a wonderful program in itself) and I kept missing easy headshots. Why was I missing these headshots? Simple, my controller the right thumbstick was smooth, and cupped in. Microsoft wanted a different look to their thumbsticks and they made them cupped with 4 little "nubs" to grab onto. These nubs wear off and you end up with a semi grippy thumbstick. The second you get a little thumb sweat they lose all effectiveness. Therefor I lost the game 48-50 and cursed at the controller and threw it down. By doing so I opened a cabinet and a PS1 controller flew out. It was a message from God, I must use the OG PlayStation thumbstick on my Xbox and be the most 1337 Halo 2 player ever. Ok no not really but it would offer and advantage.

Oh some people think that the cupped thumbstick helps them, if you're one of those people good, you don't have to do this. But for the other 6 billion people on earth follow my instructions.

Things you will need:
5/32 bit
PS1/2 controller please do not ruin a ps3 controller because you're a moron.
Xbox controller
tiny phillips head screwdriver

This is for you cheap people that don't want to spend 4 dollars on "capsticks" or w/e. They're crap anyway :P

Step 1: Opening the PS1 Controller

Turn over the controller, and with a phillips head screwdriver remove all of the screws in the back of the controller. Take of the back, you don't need it. Now there will be one more little screw holding the thumbsticks in, you should be able to see it, I didn't take a picture of it but if you need help just send me a picture and i'll show you the screw. Once you have them off put both thumbticks somewhere safe and throw away the controller.

Step 2: Opening the Xbox Controller

Pretty much use this link:

The dude will tell you how to disassemble the controller.

Now look at the thumbsticks from the front and just pull them off, they'll come pretty easy. (no pun intended)

Step 3: Enlarging the PS1's Thumbstick Holes

You may have noticed buy Sony and M$ differ in the way they mount those thumsticks, no problem for us. Just get a 5/32 drill bit and enlarge them like the picture shows.

Don't drill all the way through, actually you may wan to drill 1/4 inch or less and see how that fits the controller, I just drilled all the way through accidentally. I'm sure how far you need to go so just someone play with it and tell me how far.

Step 4: Installing Them on the Controller

Line up the thumbstick in the hole you want it to go through. I aim more precisely than I run, so I put it on the right thumbstick. Now push it through with your thumb, it will require a little force. Now just push the thumbstick on the thumbstick holder thingy, not sure what it's called. This too will require force. Don't use so much you think you're going to break it. You will just have to feel around for this one, pictures and text just don't do it justice. But once you get it on reassemble your controller in reverse order that you dissembled. Crazy how that works isn't it?

Step 5: Get Some Headshots

There is your finished product. You can do both thumbsticks but I felt that I would rather have 2 controllers that were custom than one. Catch my drift?

You might need to lower/raise your look sensitivity depending on how your controller feels afterwards. If you don't like it, put it back like it was and give me the thumbsticks. I'm sure i'll wear those out too.

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Just did this with PS3 joysticks (from a broken controller with most parts salvaged) and an XBOX 360 controller. Thanks for the idea

The Last Gunslinger26

I just now 3:47 am, went and switched over Both joy sticks from my Playstation 1 controller and they fit perfectly they didnt need to be drilled at all


12 years ago on Introduction

2. Lol, never liked iPods. Or Apple in general, as they make un-customizable stuff and make special services for it (like iTunes).
3. If a PS2 controller is too much, you could go for something else.


13 years ago on Introduction

Now that's a good way to mix a little Sony and some Microsoft together. I have my own evil plans: PS2 to computer, but the PS2 controller will be in a custom box. PC gaming always had a rougher edge for me. Time to build a controller that reflects that...