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Introduction: Xmas Holograms

Let's create a simple Xmas hologram. What would you need is a 3D printer, Acrylic Sheet, and CNC router or optionally a modelers knife if you don't have one and a soldering gun or station.

Electronic parts that would be needed are following:

  • bright white LED e.g. 504WC2E-W6-3PC
  • 00 ohm resistor
  • 18650 chargeable battery (3.8V)
  • CL 5V Micro USB 1A 18650 Lithium Battery Charging Board
  • couple of wires
  • 18650 battery case
  • and optionally a Mini Rocker Switch SPST ON-OFF S654

Other material

  • acrylic (plexi) sheet of 2 mm thickness

Step 1: 3D Print

Firstly you would need to print the base for battery and the LED light. Use the STL or GCODE files above. You can find and option with or without a switch. Chose based on your preference.

Advantage of a solution with a switch is that the light can be switched off without need to remove the battery.

Step 2: Wiring

Secondly you would need to solder the component together and place them in the case.

Connect battery case to B+ and B- contacts to the charging board (+ to +, and - to -), optionally interrupted by a switch (solder in the case, if you do outside you would not be able to push wires thru)

Then continue with resistor and LED to OUT+ and OUT-. If you are not sure how to connect LED properly, check the LED and you will see a flat place by a contact that's supposed to be connected to negative battery end. (easy to remember - indicates the flat side ;))

Place all connected parts into prepped position in the case and feel free to charge by any charger with USB B mini connector.

Step 3: Acrylic Hologram

Now lets prepare the acrylic sheet holograms.

if you have CNC router use the gcode file to create the holograms, use a thin spike routing bit.

The other option is to create the picture manually by a modeler's knife or manual manual engraver to draw any motive you would like.

The final size of the acrylic sheet needs to be 85mm x 85mm to fit into the groove in our base.

Step 4: Finalization

Finalize by placing the acrylic sheet into the 3D printed base and enjoy.

Examples of a final product can look as pictures above.

PS: when charging you would see a small red light, when fully charged you would see a blue light in a bottom corner.

Happy creating, tinkering, basteling ;)

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    2 years ago

    Hi Radim, very nice project! I can see where seasonal themes could allow this set up to be used throughout the year. Possibly make some inspirational messages to keep positive as we move into 2021.
    You get my vote for your beautiful creation; thank you for sharing!
    Bob D