Introduction: Xmas LED Display Box

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Xmas LED Display box.

This time I make a LED christmas display box. The pattern can be found at Steve Good's Scrollsaw Workshop.

I find and use a bit 18/19mm or 3/4" ply and apply blue painters tape and then use spray adhesive to the pattern and stick the pattern on. One of the questions I get is why I use the the painters tape. The reason is it makes it so much easier to peel the pattern of and it leaves no residue.

I proceed to drill the start points on the pattern, and take to the scroll saw and start the process of cutting out the pattern as carefully as i can. I take my time as I know there are some fine pieces that could break pretty easily if I am not careful.

The process of cutting out on the scroll saw took some time but the result was pretty good and worth it.

I then cut up some mahogany to make a frame using the table saw and mitre saw. Since I am not doing 45 mitres joins I have to make sure the ends are square and pieces are even. The top and bottom pieces are longer while the two side pieces are are shorter. This is purely to be different and not just be a standard frame.

I glue and clamp the frame and use the cut out centre piece to ensure I is a nice fit and spaced correctly. While that is drying I then cut some scrap pieces to make a back smaller frame this so the there is enough room behind the box and frame for the LED strip. I glue and clamp this back frame on but I also leave a small gap in one of the lower joins so I can pass the power cable of the LED strip through.

Now I only wanted to put a LED strip on the bottom you could put strips all the way round, but the effect i was after was to have it slightly brighter at the bottom and slowly fading near the top. Putting LED's all the way round would not have this effect. But it would be brighter.

The LED's I used were easy plug and play that also had a self adhesive back so they were super simple to work with and install.

I now proceed and put a clear lacquer coat on before i put the back on. I use a scrape piece of red 3mm acrylic. The piece I had was not quite big enough to reach the edges of the back frame height wise but enough to job if I position it right. But it was to long so I cut on the table saw using a sled, and a fine tooth blade.

The I slowly predrill holes in the acrylic and screw the back piece on. Screwing it on means you can take it off to clean or change colours or add to the display etc...

Video can be viewed here.

Hope everyone has a great holiday period and season greetings from New Zealand