Introduction: Xtracycle Stationary Bike Stand - for Less

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The folks at Xtracycle a marvelous add on kit that turns an ordinary bike into a super cargo carrier. The Xtracycle (especially with an add on electric assist)  can transport kids, kayaks, and kegs It can also be modified as a stationary power generator and stationary smoothie maker and .

First go stationary - if money is no issue
Xtracycle sells a $150 kickback or  a $350 rolling jackass centerstand .  Both are probably great but a bit over my desired price range.

For the rest
Home  Depot sells 10 ft section of 3/4" (inside diameter) steel electrical conduit pipe for $4.05.   The old style quill stems are a perfect fit for the Xtracycle center tube and the result is an easy on/off rock solid platform stand.

Step 1: Parts and Layout

Quantity 1 -  Steel electrical conduit 10 ft x 3/4" (inside diameter)  ($4.05 - Home Depot / Lowes)
Quantity 2 -  Steel quill 1" bike stem (used preferable) but available new at Amazon or  Niagra Cycle Works ($5.40 each)

Quantity 4 - Rubber chair leg tips 7/8" package of 4 - ($1.79 Home Depot)

3/4" Conduit Bending tool
tape measure

1) Layout your design size on paper
2) Cut two 3 foot sections of pipe
3) Mount each quill stem to the center of the pipe

Step 2: Bend and Measure to Height

1) Bend the pipe to the desired shape.
2) Check the height on the Xtracycle - Insure the rear wheel is lifted.

Step 3: Trim and Cap

1) Use the hacksaw to trim each end to fit.
2) Attach the rubber end caps
3) Tighten the quill stem to the conduit pipe.  Use a piece of shim (aluminum roof flashing works well) if necessary.   Drill and insert a screw through the quill / conduit to keep the pipe from twisting.

Step 4: Mount to Xtracycle Bike

1) Push the quills into the Xtracycle center tube
2) Tighten the quill center

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