Xubuntu in Your Local Network

Introduction: Xubuntu in Your Local Network

Hi, in this tutorial I will show you how I have resolved a problem in xubuntu, as soon as you install it in your computer, xubuntu don't support browsing in your local network.

I used only graphic interface.

Xubuntu is a simple version of Ubuntu, particulary suitable for old computers, I have installed it into my old Pentium four that my kids use to gaming and learning.

You are seeing the beautiful desktop of Xface interface, that 11.10 xubuntu version.

This is  the file manager of xubuntu: how you can see, it doesn't support network resources. How you can see the browser is thunar in stead of nautilus.

Then, we must open ubuntu software center, of course we must have a internet connection to download necessary components.
then download samba, the fundamental component for the network, in fact we reading...

Push the button to start download and the installation, wait few seconds.

Well, now going to install nautilus, read...and ..., istall, also this installing need few seconds.

Ok now close Ubuntu Software Center, unfortunately nautilus is not displayed on menu accessories,but it is again Thunar. To launch nautilus we can use the shell, I write "nautilus", you can see it supports network resources.

Or we can create a launcher: push the right button mouse on a clear place on desktop, write name "nautilus", the command  "nautilus" and if you want choose an icon, this is my favorite.

Ok, now we have all necessary to browse into my local network, I have a Western Digital Tv Live connected by wire to my router and it share one hard disk.

This is the western digital, these are folders into hard disk, now I open a immage file.

This is my little princess with our cat, its name is LINUX. thank you for watching

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    A native and easy solution:

    - In the Xubuntu menu -> System -> Gigolo click on the double monitor icon
    - select "Windows share" on the "Service type" menu.
    - insert you nas/pc/mac/ecc ip address in the "Server" field.
    - click on refresh icon near the "Share" field and select the share name in the menu.
    - click on "Connect" button
    - If all work now you can see a new connection in the Gigolo window
    - double click over the new connection and Thunar pen the connection
    - drag the new window (example: "Video on") in the Thunar left toolbar ;)

    Nautilus work better but this solution use only native xubuntu components.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I have an Acer Aspire Revo running Ubuntu connected to my TV which I use to stream video (using VLC) from my iMac. I just tried upgrading the iMac to Lion and apparently the homegrown version of Samba that Apple made is not compatible with the Samba that is in Ubuntu, apparently it needs a more modern one. I figured since you were doing an instructable about networking Xubuntu you might have some idea on a simple way to upgrade the Samba in Ubuntu. I am a linux newbie, and I get cold sweats every time I have to do something in terminal, so please keep it simple if you have any advice.



    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, sorry I am beginner too. I'll try to get infarmation by my friends. See you soon.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I hope this tutorial will be useful for Linux beginner.