Yagi Antenna 5 8GHz

Introduction: Yagi Antenna 5 8GHz

In this video I will show you have to build a Yagi antenna for 5.8GHz. It is quite small but if you follow the methods I use you should have no problem building your own. The Yagi has just 5 parasitic elements but this ensures it has a wider beam angle although in having a wider beam doe’s sacrifice range. You can if you wish add more parasitic elements using the same measurements.

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    1 year ago

    I hope you don't mind me resurrecting an old video, but did you ever get to do any testing on this antenna to estimate the gain?


    5 years ago

    Thank you for a great, informative video. Obviously, you are quite knowledgeable and quite skilled in the subject matter. With your excellent approach and outstanding video with very helpful narrative, I think I might give it a try. I want to boost my wifi 5 GHz signal and this little antenna will fit 'Er Indoors' idea of what is acceptable, maybe.

    Well done!!