Introduction: Yard Gate

There is a 25' setback on my property where I store my treasures. I have always wanted a gate of some kind that can blend in with the building but keep things out of sight. I want to be able to open/close with short notice but don't expect to use it more than a few times a month. So after planning this for a long time and collecting enough pieces I finally decided to make it happen. Requirements for the build:

  • span about 22' with about 9' height
  • allow for full width when open
  • minimize impediment to adjacent space
  • able to open/close with moderate effort over uneven terrain and snow
  • sturdy appearance
  • make use of materials on hand

A homemade solution is not always the most elegant however this fits the bill for now.

Thanks for looking!

Step 1: Axle Prep

Using an old trailer axle I was able to make pivots that I could mount on each side of the Gate opening. After cleaning up the bearing ends and adding a base plate, the axle stubs attached to the gate posts with a U bolt at the top and bolts through the plate.

Step 2: Hub/Bracket Prep

Building off the trailer axle, I fabricated a bracket that I could bolt onto the hub. The bracket needed to be strong enough to carry the weight of the gate panel and counter weights. I used the Lexan template to transfer the hole pattern to the angle iron. Welding the pieces while bolted to the hub ensured the bracket would fit. After adding the counter weight platform and bench testing the pipe deflection I mounted the bracket on the posts.

Step 3: Panel Prep

In order to keep the weight down, I attached the siding panels to a Z channel strip. The hooks are bolted through to help keep the panels together and provide a place for attaching to the pole on the bracket. The pole can carry the weight of the panel for swinging open/closed, however the gate will be supported when stationary.

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